Thursday, December 6, 2007

ok here its is. the bike im going to get. i sit on one and i talked to the sales guy and now im oficcially a die hard fan of gixxer. the one i like is blue and black but this picture will work. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! mine is gonna have chrome rims though. hey kevin im all for the gixxer. the rock. ok thats about it. gotta go.

Monday, December 3, 2007

well here it is. the 2009 trans am. i havent found out anything about it but i thought i would at least show you what it looks like. PPPRRREEETTTYY huh? i think so. there was other pictures but i liked this one. i like blue. blue is like my favorite color. i dont know how fast but i know its fast. its a trans am. they kick hind end as good as the challenger. kevin since i cant seem to get this pic on my mp3 youll have to see it this way bro. well. i guess thats all. hope you like it. well even if you dont i do. i dont care how much some of my friends hate american muscle not naming any names. cough cough!!!!(IAN)cough cough!!!!!! i still like it. i just like muscle cars... this is gonna be one of the hardest decisions ive ever made. when they come out should i get the dodge challenger? or the new trans am? wow talk about tuff choices.!!!! there both so cool and amazing. or maybe ill buy the challenger in 2009. because in 2008 its just a concept car. and in 2010 ill buy the trans am. cause we all know that concept cars come out first and even though they look cool and there fast the car is alot better if its and R/T or an SS.... ill probly buy them both. and before i buy those im getting a zx6r. oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! it s not the fastest bike but itll work. for a few years.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WOW!!!! i dont know about the rest of you but what happened to me tonight was the most amazing thing that ever happened.i have never been called out like that before. i never knew that god would call me out and tell those things. everything that happened to me was just awsome. i got a confirmation on something that i have been praying about and god told me something i will never forget. i didnt know i had so much potental in me. this whole night has changed my life and now i know what i have to do. i havent felt this good since... i cant even remember. i havent heard myself pray like in for ever and it felt great. i know that the people in my youth group are going through things and i want to be there for them. i will. any one of them. sometimes i wish i could take the weight that they cary on there backs and put it on my own back and let them have a break for a while and rest. i dont why i feel that way i just do. cause i can see them struggleing and i want to help them or just take everything off there shoulders. maybey its just me... my life has flipped upside down.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

awight here it is!!!! the girl of my dreams. the only one who completely understands my need for speed. the one who can give it to me easily. zx6r. YES IT IS A NINJA IT HAS TO BE LIME GREEN... but im gonna have chrome rims. yes im one of those guys who would live in a really small cheap apartment and have this really nice bike that goes REALLY fast. i know what your thinking. that white boy is CCCCRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY.... i know. i get that alot. a couple of my friends have tried to get me to stop being so crazy. part of me wants to. the other part wants to keep going faster and faster. the more danger the better. its just me. its just how i am. its who i am.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

well its here!!!!! my favorite holliday of all time. i am going to eat mroe today then i ever eat in a week. i am going feel so fat. then im gonna have to go run it all off. that way i can eat more. haha!!! but you know its not just about the food. there is more to this holliday then just turkey. i mean come on. theres turkey of course. then comes the really good stuff. like cherry pie. there is nothing in the world like cherry pie. yes there is apple and pecon pumkpin. but there is nothing better then cherry pie and whiped cream.can i get a whitness. then you got your other stuff. you got deviled eggs, you got ummm. all that other stuff you eat for thanksgiving. that is if you still live with your family. i can probly tell you that when i move out on my own i would be one of those guys who just eat steak for thanksgiving. i would eat steak every day. i will. all the time. rare. still moooing. i mean the way i eat my steak, you could put a bandaid on that thing and it would be out grazing. thats just me definately a carnavore. hey i used a big word. haha. thats a first. but yeah steak baked potatoes and a nice BIG chilled MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!! can i get a whitness. but thats just me. i allways have been different. thats just me. now dont get me wrong. i love the turkey. its amazing. and all the food is amazing... but im just explaining that is the kind of guy i am. im a real take it easy layed back kinda guy that doesnt ask for much. unless its a dodge viper.... well i guess that all i got for now. so yeah. yall have a great thanksgiving. sooooo. later...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey wats up? i was thinking about all the stuff that has happened to me and i thought i would write some of it down. for those of you who know me really well, you know that i all ways have some part of me that is injured. i do most of it to myself. not purposely but i just do alot of crazy things. yall know that im just a little crazier then your average guy. well out of all the times i have gotten hurt, bleed, limped, or just hid my pain, there is one time i want to talk about. most every body that reads this blog knows that i got hurt over the summer and it was pretty serious. i got a severe concusion and twice i had an interesting expierence. i was bleeding inside my head and i couldn't do anything about it. i dont remember any of this im just going by what i was told. but there is one thing i do remember. i was laying on the bed in the ER and i was fading away. i could feel my breath slowing down and everything was just stopping.i could barely see and they were struggling to keep me awake. but one time i went to sleep. i dont know for how long but i know it happened. as i was laying on the bed with my eyes shut, it was like somebody shined a bright light in my face. i looked up at it and what i saw was the most amazing thing ive ever seen. i saw a golden stair case with a a chior dancing behind it. then i saw a dark headed figure walk down the stairs and reach out to grab my hand. i couldnt see his face but i saw his body. for the first time in my life o saw an angle. and not just one. i saw the entire chior. any ways. the angle on the stair case reached out his hand and just as i stuck my hand out to grab his, i heard him say this. THIS IS NOT YOUR TIME. ITS TO SOON. YOU ARE STILL NEEDED HERE. and then he turned and walked back up the stair case and the chior went away. the lights went out. it was completely dark. then i heard a nurse say get the chopper ready. then i woke up. its all a little blury after that but that next day at church i started passing out agian. my mom got me to the prayer room and i layed on the floor. everything went black and then i saw it agian. the same thing i saw the day before. i remember saying just take me home now. but then he said the same thing. agian. i can still see it in my head. it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. you may not believe me but thats the honest truth. i dont know why but god spared my life then and once before when i was a little baby. i fell out of a basket and the same thing happened. except i didnt see anything. if i did i dont remember. why god spared my life i dont know. but i do that every time i have been in some type of situation like that, god has kept his hand on me and i honestly dont know why. why am i so important? what makes me so special that he would spare my life? after all he stuff i have gone through i know for a fact that i should be deader then a door knob!yet here i am. alive and running around like there is nothing wrong. it just boggles my mind and i know i dont deserve this. how can some one have so much mercy? ive been raised in this and i still dont get it? how can he have so much love and be so forgiving?i should have died numerous times. i have been in situations that my parents dont even know about that i should have died in. i guess what im trying to say that even though i may never understand i am thaknful and so glad to be alive and able to do anything. bro. elms is right. what is the chance that some one like me could be born into a family like i have. what are chances that i would be born into an apostolic life style. there are so many more things i could talk about. this is one of the more recent ones. there have been others after that but i wont get into that. we dont need to take this for grantite.take advantage of it. dont ever stop. the only thing i can do is give god my best.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

here it the armour of a true dew samuri. i saw this and i thought of you kevin.

Friday, October 12, 2007

route 66!!!! i think the last time i was on that road is when we were living in iowa park. my mom and dad made this on the spot decision and said were going to new mexico. so we went. we stayed about 30 minutes and then came back. but thats okay. i have been through there once before. my dad had a job interview in navad or cali one. and we packed our bags and took off on the road. i can remeber going through new mexico and arizona. i remember seeing the painted desert and i think we saw that big crater in arizona but we didnt go down in it. staci kept escaping out of her car seat and a cop pulled us over and said i wont give you a ticket because i watched her climb out of her car seat. busted!!! well she got put back in and we went on. i remember going into new mexico i think and we drove through a small indian town and i can remember telling my parents, lets get out of this town the indians are might scalp us. i was like two years old. i didnt want to die. it was fun. but the next time i go im going take my time and see everything. after i hti cali im gonna go up and im gonna into the mountains of oragon and washington, and then im gonna go to sturgis and colorado and north dakota and south dakota and then im gonna just keep driving untill im ready to come home. its gonna be great. so yeah. thats the plan.

Monday, October 8, 2007

ladies and gentle men. this is captian america. in the world of marvel comics he stands for freedom and justice and liberty. he was a soldier that was given a special syrum to turn him into a super soldier. thats what the comics say. let me tell you about the real captain america! HAROLD LOYD MANTOOTH!!! this man is my hero!!! he has fought in war. he fought for freedom. he is the real captain america. they didnt give him any special syrum or make him a super soldier. he was born a super soldier. youngest of nine children. this man has been through more then any of could imagine. the strongest and toughest man i have ever had the honor of meeting. i strive every day to be like this man. in every thing i do. this man stays in my prayers. he stays in my life. i wont let him leave. ladies and gentle men this man is my mothers father. this man is my grandpa. ladies and getnle men marvel comics have nothing on my grandpa. ladies and gentle men this man is the real captain america. i know this may not mean much to you but it means more then you know to me. thank yuo for reading and im sorry if i have affendid you in any way. i just wanted to let you know about one of americas greatest heros and my hero.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


yeah im 18, and nothing has changed. just another year older and still no girlfriend, no job, no vehichle. but thats ok i guess. just another day in my normal world.. yeah ok thank you to all those people who wished me a happy bday. we just got our enternet back up yesterday and i have been out of contact with everybody. so im back. oh yeah i went to the doctor the other day and had a test run on my head and they everything is ok. so im back to normal mostly. i dont know what im going to do with myself now because i cant box with people anymore i cant play football and all i cant run till august. so pretty much all i can do is lift weights.i cant even do that very much yet. so thats all tha is happening in my life. by

Thursday, June 21, 2007

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! yeah. 6 days till im old enough to do almost anything. i can go one of those really hard core labor jobs, or i can go get surtified to be a welder, i can make my own decisions. OR i can sign my life away and not have any trouble doing it. there wold be no, well you need to have your parents sign this or that. there would how old are you? 18. ok, just sign here and well get you set up. thats all it would be. not that i am going to do that. i was just using that as an example. it still leangers in the back of mind though. i will probly just get a job in a macine shop and work there for about a year and then im gonna go take my firefighter training. yeah!!!!!! oh but i have to wait a year. stupid head injury. messed up my plans. oh well it'll give me a chance to build a whole lot of strength. i cant really work untill august but still. you no what i mean. so yeah to all those people out there who are going to another year older on june 27th. happy b-day

Friday, June 15, 2007

hey yall wats up? thursday night i got to go the youth camp in oklahoma. it was great. i had a good time. i got to see alot of my friends and i got to see meili. i talked to her and she's doing great. i really miss her. but i got her number so ill call and talk to her. but while i was there i learned something that makes me real restless. one of the guys i used to know has something wrong with his brain. i think my friend said he has a tumor and there was some leaking going on. i dont know the details but my friend said that he was totally different. they said he is not like he used to be. he cant do anything and he is not the same person. he is a great guy. well he was the last time i talkted to him. i dont know what he's like now. i cant imagine what he is going through. i saw him about two years ago and he seemed perfectly fine. its just kinda crazy how something can happen just like that. one time you see them and then the next time your friend tells you that the guy you used to know has changed there is a possabilaty that he may never be the same agian. i know that we serve a god that can change that and im believing that he will. its just that you dont expect these things. he was a great guy. one of my close friends that i have know since i was little is dieing and unless god interviens he will. i almost cried when my buddy told me. since i came home from the camp grounds its been on my mind. his name is kurtis. i was just wondering if you would pray for him. it would mean alot to me and i know it would mean alot to his family. if you just pray for 5 minutes that would be great. and pray for my grandpa to. he is one of the greatest men to ever walk the face of the earth. he was a soldier and preacher. there are alot of great men out there. he is the greatest. since i was a little kid he has been my hero. i wanted to be just like him. and i still do. hes got alot on his plate right now.please pray!!!!!!! i dont what i would be without this man in my life. your never to big or to old to have a hero. he will always be my hero. untill the day i die. please pray for the two great people. i know you dont them but it would mean alot to me. thanks. see ya

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ok the top one is because i thought it was funny. BUT THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes. aint it a thing of beauty. the harley davidson fatboy. this bike is bad. i dont think it is as expencive as the vrod and it still looks great. this probly the bike i will be getting. eventually. but im gonna have to chane it up a little bit. its gonna need new chrome rims. and better exhaust pipes. a new paint job and i might bring the front end out just a smidge. but one thing at a time. HEY WILL YOU SHOULD GET ONE TO!!!!!!!! THAT WAY WE COULD TRAVEL ACROSS COUNTRY. just me and you. or maybey we could convince danial and ian and jessi and kevin and my big brother to get one so we could all travel together. yeah and andre to. and if you get to take some one with you then i do to. its only fair.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A - Available or Single? im available. and im single to.

B - Best Friend- i dont really know so im gonna put my dog bandit

C - Cake or Pie? cherry pie. yeah buddy!!

D - Drink of choice- mountain dew. or coke

E - Essential Item- wieght lifting and running.

F - Favorite Color- electric blue

G - Gummi Bears of Worms-worms the sour ones.

H - Hometown- I was born in Muskogee Ok but I consider Wichita Falls my home town.

I - Indulgence- STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! medium rare.

J - January or February -niether

K - Kids - NONE. IM STILL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

L - Life isn't complete without - God, nice fast car, and motorcycles and wieght lifting

M - Marriage date - none. there gonna have to catch me first!!!!!!!!!! wich is not gonna happen for a long time.

N - Number of siblings four. two of each

O - Oranges or Apples - depends on the day.

P - Phobias/Fears um i dont think either of those words are any part of my life.

Q - Favorite Quote - aint skeered/ no fear.

R - Reasons to Smile - God, and one person who makes me happy and makes my day every time i see them

S -Season(ing) Seasons - SUMMER!!!!!!! and spring. SuGaR!!!!

T - Tag Three - larry, curly, and moe. i dont know who all has been tagged so ill just play it safe

U - Unknown fact about me - im about as secretive as they come.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals - dude any body who knows me knows that i get weak and sick if i dont have meat every day. it is literally my life source

W - Worst Habit? not telling some one how I feel untill its to late.

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds - dude Ive got both. and more and belive me i use them every chance i get


Z - Zodiac - cancer.

Monday, May 28, 2007

hey yall guess what. im BACK IN BLACK!!!!! my life is finally starting to get back to not gonna start wiegh lifting just yet but i am gonna start doing push ups and sit ups. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might start boxing aigan to. not very hard but just enough to get back in shape. know what i mean!?! so yeah im free at last!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! hooha!!!!!!! i have waited an entire week to do something and now its here. yeah!!!! you people probly dont really care about this kinda stuff but i do because lifting boxing and staying fit is a part of me that i cant ignore. since i was a little shrimp i have allways tried to be fit. i allways tried to go farther and push harder then all my friends. and my brothers. im pretty competittive. but im an athlete. have been since i was a baby. when i was younger i had a plan for my life. by the time i was old enough to through a ball i had a plan. my plan was to play baseball all the way through highschool and collage, and the minor leagues and then go to the professionals. i was going to be a pro baseball player. but god had other plans. so after i stopped playing baseball i started boxing. and i started lifting alot more. it became not only another sport but it became part of my life. every day i wake up and i put on some shorts and an old shirt and i would go out to my garage and start working out. just me. nobody else. and if i wasnt lifting or boxing i was runing nad doing sit ups and crunches and all that stuff. jump rope you know the works. well after i got myself a little head injury i couldnt go do that stuff. but now. the time has come for the sitting around the house to stop. it is time. right now im just lifting weights to kinda maintain what i have but as soon as i get my liscence and a job i plan to start body building. HARD CORE!!!!! i dont plan to stop either. because im never going to get old. im gonna be young forever and i will be very youthfull for the rest of my life!!!!!!!! thats the way ahu ahu. i like ahu ahu. thats the way ahu ahu. i like it. ok well i guess thats all right now. if you cant tell im feeling much better. as a matter of fact not only am i feeling better i feel like a million bucks. i am back and i cant be stopped. ;> ok talk to yall later. i think im gonna go cut the grass. lots of love yall. later.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

well i am starting to remember SOME stuff. i still dont remember what happened last week but my dad said it should come back. but there is also a possability that i wont remember last week. my mom got a concusion when she was pregnate with me and she said there is still somestuff she doesnt starting to remember some stuff on the guitar and the bass but nto alot. most of that stuff is all blank. the only stuff i can play at the moment is stuff i have heard since sunday. thats all i can play right now but hopefully the rest of the stuff will fall in behind that. i havent been able to go church because my parents dont want me up and moving around. so i dont know how the rest of my week will be. but my dad did say i can start lifting agian on saturday, so im excited about that. i hate sitting around and doing nothing. it is really bad. i cant wait untill the week end though. that way i can actually do something. yeah!!!!! well see ya later

Friday, May 18, 2007

well i applied at aalot of places tuesday and then i applied at one more place yesterday so hope fully i can get one of them. i actually hope i get the one i applied at yesterday because i think it would be really cool. but its all in gods hands. i am really wanting a job so i can get a car or truck or something. i am tired of not having anything to do besides sit at home and be stupid. i am ready to work. ya know i thought about this. if i do get a job at a place that would alow me to wrok nights then i could at machine shop in the day time and be making some good money. on top of the job i would be working at night. that would be like the coolest thing ever. oh yeah. i would deffinately be having fun with that. talk about a total work out. machine shops will do that for you. its fun to.maybey ill get a job welding. or something like that. i cant wait untill i turn 18. then i can actually do some really hard core jobs that will pay better. because i deffinately need a car. well iguess ill get to doing my school wrok. so ill catch all yall later.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

hello every one. i dont know about you but i have had a very good day. hopefully it stays that way when my family gets home. but anywho. on to more importent subjects. i have an awsome rageous plan!!!!!!!!! and the only thing you have to do is cross your fingers, and hope it i cant tell you what it is just yet. i have to try out before i tell you. but the thing is i have try it out on my dad. that is the reason for crossing your fingers. i just hope he lets me finish what i am saying when i tell him. but anywho. let look on the bright side. IF it works. I SAID IF!!!!!!!!!!!! it works it will totally awsome. because it would involve me and my awsome father, and something else. but it would be like, penut butter and jelly!!! like bbq and ribs! it would like the greatest thing. it would deffenitly be a first for me and my dad. but it would be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok let put it in words we can all understand. it would be cooler then cool!!!! it be absolutely out rageous... no joke if i can get my awsome plan to work then i would be one happy guy. because it just be me and my dad. it would rock my sox off.. hahahaha!!!! man i wish i could you.......... its leagal. dont worry. im just hoping praying that he goes for it. it would be awsome because if he does then it would give us more of a chance to become closer then we are. were allready close but i want to be closer. let me put this way it would give me and him a chance to get away from the rest of the world. it would let us escape. we could actually sit back and enoy the ride. well i am going keep you guys wondering whati it is im talking about. but i have to. just cross your fingers, and i will keep praying that god will make him want to do it. welp. thats it. later yall.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i am beat to a bleeding pulp. i had a long day and it just ended. finally!!! i will soon be giving up for the day and going to find nirvanna. if you dont know what that means it is an asian word for happyness. yes i believe it is chinese for happy place. seriously im not joking. i know alot of people who need to find there happy place. it would do them a great deal of good. goooosss fraba!!! hahaha. just kidding!!!! so yeah im loosing it for the night. so im gonna go do something and then im gonna go to bed. so all yall people who think im gonna right another long page, yourr wrong. because i am oficcially done.!>!:"<>!^&+=_-)(0()/*-+;'/.,`~ wow its amazing how one little key on the key board can distract some people.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

hey yall whats going on?? not alot here im just eating. apple jacks!!! and there really good. im sitting here by my best friend in the entire world. my dog bandit!!!! the greatest dog in the world. but it gets better. check this out his full name is bandit reagon diablo. your probly wondering why, well when we got him we had to have him registered and we couldnt just put bandit. we had to have another name to go with it because there are so many huskies named bandit. well we figured something out. oh and by the way if your wondering my dog does steel and he is not affraid to tell you or anybody else off. he loves fighting more then anything he is an alpha male and he is very stuburn. if he doesnt want to listen to you then he wont. there is not any person on the planet that can make my dog mind when he is being hard headed. not even food will make him mind. he does what he wants and no body can stop him. its his way or the highway. its like a rebelious child gone completely wrong. let me put it this way. we were gonna sign him up for the air force and then we figured out that they wouldnt take him. he fits all the physical requirements but he is so stuburn. he makes donkeys look like sheep. they would try to get him to do something and he would most likely rebel and be lazy. he is the greatest dog in the wrold though and i love him very much. but any who on to other things. i dont know about yall but i just want to get a harley and make it to fit my style and then just pack my bags and hit the road. i want take one of those across the desert and just ride my threw the united states. ok i gotta get off here before i kill my sister. im going to bed and im gonna dream about harley motorcycles and pretty girls. or one or two in particular. who knows but i will dream about them. and motorcycles. what more could you ask for? well ill see yall on the flipside.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Semper fidelis!!!! This is the motto of the United States marine corps; it means allways faithful, to God, family, country, and the corps. when I was at men’s conference brother McLaughland spoke about being faithful to God. no matter what happens you stay faithful. If life throws you a curve ball like say someone in your family gets diagnosed with a deadly disease, you can not start blaming god and asking why did this happen. It’s our human nature to do that, but we can’t. We have to stay faithful and keep believing that god will see us through. Don’t blame god. Don’t blame the doctors. You can’t blame any body. You have to just give your problem to god and he WILL see you through. Some times God will test us to see how strong our faith actually is. He wants us to be more then just a sunshine soldier. What I mean by that is He wants to know if your gonna be there worshiping Him and praising Him.

Semper fidelis semper paratus!!!!!!!!!! Not many people know about that one. It means always ready. What ever comes your way you must be ready. for example living for God can be hard because Satan will throw some thing at you and try to make you fall. You have to be ready to fight; I mean spiritually. I’m talking to myself to. We should all try to be ready for what ever happens. Who knows, God may pick you or me to come on home before He decides to come back. We should be ready for what ever comes our way. Anything can happen at any time.

Ut sementem feceris ita metes!!!!!!! As you sow, so will you reap. Don’t do anything you will regret. How much simpler can it get.

In vino veritas!!!!! There is truth in wine (truth is told by him who has drunk wine). Brother Huntley preached a great message on Thursday night. We ain’t as drunk as we 'pose' to be. He didn’t say this in these exact words, but what he did say is when someone is drunk they will tell you. They will straight up tell they are drunk. They may not say I’m drunk. They may say something like what seems to be the problem occifer, or im not as thunk as you drink I am; things like that will tell you when some one is drunk. I was looking up Latin phrases and I saw this one so I just had to put it on here. Take another drink.

Well I guess that’s all I could find right now. So I hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, one more: si vis pacem, para bellum!!!!! If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

Ok I’m done ya’ll. I will most likely write more later.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

dude its 12:23 and im writing on this thing. i am at mens confrence yes every body is in bed a sleep. i cant sleep. so im just chillin here on my dads laptop. yeah its pretty cool. theres nothing else to do. oh and by the way i am looking at trucks on google.for those of you know me like that, and know what i do on the enternet. but i highly doubt any body at this church knows me like they want to.  i am just now starting to open up to all yall. i bet 90% of you cant even guess my favorite color. you probly dont even know why im so crazy.  but dont feel so bad i keep everybody in the dark about everything. if you dont know what is going on in my life then dont feel bad because nobody does. just me and my dog bandit. its not that i dont trust yall its just that i have never tolled anybody anything about whats going on in my life. i have allways been the quiet one and i never cared what people thought about me. still am the quiet one. still dont care what people think about me.  for example. hey kevin wats going on man????? i just wanna give a shout out to all my peoples that are reading this thing. WATS UP???????? see if i cared what people thought i would not have wrote that. by the way folks i have never been a good speller. so if you think i was raised in a barn then your wrong. im just from oklahoma. and plus i never cared about spelling class. im about to get off of this thing because im starting to get nuttier then a fruit basket, so i guess ill check yall later. good night all yall sleeping people.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

im about to start packing for mens confrence but i thought i would write something on here. but i dont know what to write. ok heres a thought. i need to raise $1,500. pretty quick to. i saw something i want and im gonna do what ever i have to do to get 1,500. your thinking what could he have possibly found for fifteen hundred dollars?well im not gonna tell ya. sorry. but i think im gonna keep it to myself this time. untill i know for sure. yall have fun guessing!!! Cathy! lol. haha. yeah ok im running out of things to say.oh yeah by the way Cathy. im drinking i nice cold mountain dew. it tatse sooooooo good!!! its so satisfying. to bad you cant have any! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok thats all you guys. lol. later

Monday, April 30, 2007

as much as i dont want to i am highly considering getting a honda prelude. i do like the honda prelude. there not that bad i guess. i can make it sound better then japanese cars are supposed to sound. i can make it look kinda cool to. see i dont think this one looks to bad. it could look better, but i just found this pic off the net. but this is a 1999 honda prelude. its gotta vtec engine in it and i think its ok. its a two seater but thats fine by me. its still up for debate but since the gas is so high i will most likely get one of these. and not to menchin that hondas dont ever stop running. well ricebruners dont stop running. and plus there fun to drift. hahaha. yes in case you are wondering i do know how to drift. its easy as eating cherry pie. wich i love by the way. just in case any body wants to know. drifting is like so easy though. i mean you just turn your wheels one way and when your car starts to fish tell then you cut your wheels the other way and your car will start to fish tell that way and it just keep going on and on. its fun. you should try it. but be sure you are in a parkinglot when you do it. an empty parkinglot. but yeah tell me what you think people. and you have nothing to worry about im not gonna start doing all that riceburner motorcycle junk. i know how to any car sound american. so i will do that and i will make it look decant. and if i do put a spoiler on it i can garrenty that the spoiler will not go over three inches high. im not stupid like that. hahaha. let me know what you think people. later.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

hey yall i tried to do one of those celberty look alike things and it didnt work. its probly my computer but it could be operater error to. cause im really bad with computers. so if you have any advice please tell me what i can do.

well i know you guys can stand being in the dark. and i cant either. oh yeah about the my girl song. i was just thinking of thaparticular song when i was writing, and i have a bad habbit of writing what ever i am thinking. you guy will never figure out all the reasons im so happy. there a couple of them. one is i am gonna start taking my training in the summer!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i will tell you the other reason. but your gonna think it is really dumb. the other reason i am really happy is because im gonna be 18.hehehehehehe!!!!!!!! i fooled you!!! hahaha!!!!!!!! im turning 18 in june and i cant wait. because then i can work almost any job and do any kind of labor or i can go to a recruiting office and sign my life away to the government.awwwwwww so many choices.but i have my heart set on something else already. im not going to army or marines. im gonna stay right here in wichita falls and take my training. then i might go off to college. but who knows? you want to know why im so happy. well i cant really tell you why just yet. i just want to make sure everything is right. besides i dont really know whats gonna happen. i just need to focus on geting my training and nothing else. as soon as i get my training done and start working for the fire department maybey then i will start thinking about girls and wich one i like. but right now i dont even have the money coke. much less a girlfriend. there to expensive. besides im single and im lovin it. i can do what ever i want. for example. i can put my life at risk if i want. i can go climb a straight up wall in the desert. i can go jump out of an arplane at 40thousand feet. i can go deep sea diving i can ride some rapids. i can go base jumping off the empire state building i can do anything. if i had a girlfriend i couldnt do all that. she would want to stay around and be with her all the time. and not do anything dangerous. my life would in shades. im not ready for that. im still to much of a dare devil. and i probly will be for the rest of my life. that is one thing about me that will nevebr change. its what i do. so right now im just livin life like im supposed to and walking a fine line of danger and safe. and ya know what? im lovin it!!!!!!!!!little bit of danger here doing all kinds crazy junk. oh yeah i dont think im ready to give that up just yet. later yall

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

dude its real!!!!! supermans weakness is reall. its actually called

jadarite. there gonna start calling it kryptonite. it was found in serbia. its not green im not joking this is the real thing. kryptonite is real. i dont think some alien stuck his own son in a ship and sent him to earth to save the orld but the rock is reall. oh yeah and the president of russia died. who ever that is. but thats beside the point. oh yeah and i am oficially done with geometry class. i got an 89 so im happy with that. oh yeah and um its really late. oh yeah. and the greatest news of all is that i am happyer than a clown in a circus. i cant tell you why im gonna leave yall hanging on that one but i am really happy and i am really glad i am at this church. ive been really happy alot lately. you can guess all you want i wont say a word. so im sorry if it drives you crazy cathy. but thats just how i roll. you will never figure it out so dont try cathy your just gonna give yourself a head ache and you will lose sleep over it. but thats what i live for. hahahahahaha. i know someething you dont know haha. im a lucky feller, yes im a lucky boy, i got me nice umbreller and its me pride and joy!! you can think kory prince for singing that to my sister and she sang it to me and i just wrote it down because im soooooooooooooooo happy. im sooo happy its like, beond my own comprehension. wow i used a big word. thts a first. i got sunshine on a cloudyday. when its cold outside, i got the month of may. i guess you would say. what can make me feel this way. well im not gonna tell you. haha. im gonna leve yall people hanging on that for a while. but write now im gonna get off here. stop routing my brain for the night and dream about the reason im so happy. HA!! you thought i was gonna tell you what it was didnt you. well you were wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhh spleen. haha. i feel like im on a sugar rush. but im not. im just really happy. i like being happy it makes me feel good. and plus. it makes all yall wonder what going on with me. and i like to leave people in suspence. hey i used another big word. i must be getting really tired if im using big words that i dont even know how to spell. oh well. i fell ggggrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well untill next time my wondering friends. ill see yall on the flip side. good night cruel world. good night you stupid computer. later

Monday, April 23, 2007

wanted!!!!!! 1967 gto!!! if found let me know. girl of my dreams. there bad there fast and they can really turn heads. put the right pipes on it and the right motor in it, and your gonna be getting all kinds of looks like dude i love your car and wow thats amazing. that is what this girl will do for you. there just that bad. ok that be all yall. good night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

hey hows life on your end of the rope? mine is just the same old thing. except im up realy early. its 5:46 am. thats a first for me. i kinda like it. i got up at four but i took a long shower. so yeah im going to oklahoma city today with my mom and sister because my sister has to go take a test. so im gonna be prayin for her, and i was wondering if yall would to. welp. i gotta go. ill talk to ya later.

Monday, April 16, 2007

hey yall i changed my id name. so if your wondering who this dude named viking is. thats me. you may wonder why i did that. well ill tell you. i am a viking. some of my ancestors on my dads side were norwiegens, and they married germans so there you have it. now we all know that the germans made swords for the vikings. we also know that the vikings took over the world at one point in time. i had to tell you that so i could tell you this. i could make my own sword and take over the world. now if you still dont get it. then i keep reading untill you do. i just thought i would let yall know that. dont know why i just felt like writing it. so i hope you get the joke. later yall.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

hey wats up? so yeah im looking at home plans. your probly wondering why im doing that. im only 17. well ill tell you why. because i can and i want to. so boooyaaa. yeah see i have this sertian house that i am going to build and im just getting ideas. im not gonna build it now or any time soon. but after i become a fire fighter i am going to start building it then. after i get through training and stuff and i get done with highschool. its gonna be a big two story house. im gonna make it out of big sandstone blocks. not those little bitty 5 pound bricks. im talking about 100 pound blocks. oh yeah. but instead of using wood, im gonna use steel 2 by 4s. oh yeah my house will be built to last. ohe yes and its gonna be a 4 bed room house. i know what your thinking. your thinking im crazy and why would i spend that much money on a house. well because its mine. the frame is gonna be steel, and its gonna have a big basement. its gonna be really cool. its not gonna be just a normal house. see my house will a spanish style house. built of blocks. im tryin to find a decent looking sketch that will resemble my house. you probly think im dreaming. but you know what. i am going to do this and nothing will stop me. your wondering how im gonna do this well my uncle is a brick layer and used to build houses. and my other uncle does build houses. and im gonna get a really big cherry picker to pick up those blocks. im gonna have uncle teach how to lay foundation and im gonna hire a plmber. im not messin with and plumbing dont mix. anyways, my dad knows alot about electricty and all that stuffso im gonna learn that. my brother knows how to roof. he did that for a summer job his first or second year of college. pretty cool huh? my family knows alot of stuff. anywho. like i was saying. its gonna have big pool in the back yard. with a big privacy fence. that will be wooden lined with steel. the fence will be at least 8ft. but the best part of all this is the house i am going to build is gonna be on a hill. over loking my town. wichita falls. the front of the house will be facing east and the back will be facing west. of course. that way i can get up at the crack of dawn and watch the sun come up and i ca sit on my back porch and watch the sun go down. my room will have a balcany.that way i can sit up there and just look over the city. haha. but believe me this is not going up in a matter of weeks. it will be a while before its ready to live in. but when it is ready to live in it will be amazing. it might be two story. im still trying to decide on that. but it will have four bed rooms. dude this has gotten really long. oh yeah hey kevin if you read this, i ment to call you today. or yesterday if you read this tomorrow. which ever. i ment to call you man im really sorry. i hope i will see you at church tomorrow. well cracker jacks. i just told you what my house is gonna look like. i must way to much time on my hands. but its ok. i didnt tell you every detail. you will see. just stick around and in about two years it will start to come up. really people as soon as i get done with all my training im gonna start looking for that sertain spot of land and im gonna start laying foundation, and start doing all that fun stuff. every chance i get i will be working on that house. i really cant wait. i will make that thing my own. i will pour my sweat and probly a little bit of my blood into that house. but i wont stop untill its finished. i cant find a picture that fits my style. so i guess im done. i will see yall later.

hey yall um i think im in troulbe. let me explain. no to long. let me sum up. hyc i met a girl. i got her number. ive been calling her sometimes. today. i was kinda mad. tehn i called her i dont know why but i did. she started talking and i felt better. im not mad anymore. i didnt even talk much. i just listened to her. this cant be good. she has such a soft voice i had to push the fone all the way in my ear just to hear her. but i liked it.?.???? is this a bad thing??? im lost. really i dont know what to do. she makes me happy. this is scary. im not used to this. im serious people. i dont know what to do. its kinda cool. i like it. its wierd. im like not myself. its creepy. somebody help.!!!!!!! and she is so pretty its not even funny. i know what ill do. i shall go BOX!!! yes maybey that will do something. WHAT DO I DO??????????????????????? i cant possibly have a crush on this girl. i rpomissed my self i would never do that agian. i cant even spell. im breaking down... i catch my self thinking about her when im suppossed to be doing something or im seppossed to have my mind on things like god or school or lifting weight or boxing. what is wrong with me???????????? i think i need to run away from this. i really do. every time i talk to her i get happy. and it feels really good. did i menchin i cant spell. i have to keep deleting a word because i spell it wrong and then i have to write it all over agian. i should run from these feelings. i will. i am. im in baaaad shape aint i? i would make horrible marine. im to soft hearted. but thats why im gonna be a fire fighter. someone help?????? please!!!! im really messed up. i have to go beet my knuckles up now. so leave a comment. let me know. and i will get back to you as soon as i can my knuckles covered in blood. you may think its funny but i dont. it just means that i have to build a wall around my self so that no one can get in and mess me up. im gonna go bleed now. later yall

well its saturday and i just woke up. im eating wheaties and then im gonna go box and run. yes i will. i enoy that kind of stuff. so yeah after that im probly gonna call my friend that lives three hours away and ill talk to her for who knows how long. she is really cool and i like talking to her. she has a very soft and quiet voice. whn ever i talk to her i have to be really quiet so i can hear her. but thats ok i dont mind being quiet for her. she just so cool. i trust her alot. shes just so fun to talk to. awww what am i doing? i keep losing track of what i was going to say. ummmmmmm. this cant be good. ok im not gonna talk about her anymore. so how bout those mavericks??????? lol. im thinking about stuff. im not thinking about this girl. im thinking about soccer. yeah thats cool. i played soccer once. when i was a little kid. i went to one practice and quit. i was the goaly. some kid hit me in the face with the ball and so i picked the ball up and i walked up to the guy and i chunked it as hard as i could at his face. i hit him. he fell to the ground crying and i stood there and laughed. but i was like 8 years old so i have found other ways of getting rid of my anger. thats why my parents bought me a boxing bag. because they love me. ya know i have never really met anybody who shows sheep. this girl im talking to shows sheep.i think that is pretty cool. i dont think i would show any animals. but thats just me. i would rather ride a bulls. so yeah im gonna go work out hard core and then im gonna come in and call shala. see yall on the flipside.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

aloha yall. hey i went to hyc right well while i was there i had an amazing experience. i met a bunch of new people and i got one persons fone number wich i thought was pretty cool. the cool thing is i can actually talk to her with out getting nervous. when i first met her it felt like i had known her for my entire life. for the first time in a long time i have a friend that i can talk to and not get so messed up with emotions. what im trying to say is. i have a friend and she is really cool. it feels good. she has such a soft voice. its cool and i have to be really quiet just to hear every word she says. she is some one i could hang out with and have fun with. it feels good. i havent had anything likethis in three years. and the last time that ended up pretty bad. but for some reason i trust this girl more then i trust some people ive known for a while. but i can tell you this i trust my dog more then any one in the world. he is right here beside me right now. he is such a good dog. you may think im stupid or wierd but hey i dont really have anything else to write about. and besides if you met her you would like her. so yeah ive been working out hard core this week. uhuh. sure have. got the busted knuckles to prove it. so yeah. how about that local sports team? you know the one that plays that game? with that ball? its getting late and im getting wacky. ive been here for almost years and i am just now starting to open up to every one. you guys are just now starting to see what my family sees. but you guys have never seen me when its like late and im really tired, and get to that piont where i start talknig out of my head and start babbling about really crazy stuff and change from the quiet layed back guy that you all know and transform into the craziest person youve ever seen. i can be sitting in a chair and see something and start laughing like crazy. when that happens it doesnt stop for about 30 minnutes and then after it does stop i look dead. i mean when i get that way i really dont feel anything. you could hit me in the face witha stick and i would just sit there. well i would probly fall over. but once i do there is no getting me up. when im that way i feel nothing. no pain no happyness no anger no love no heat no cold. im just there taking up space. thats when my family usually lays me down on my bed and covers me up because im to zombafied to ado anything. then i go to sleep and dream of all kinds of stuff. you have never seen me like that. believe me if you did you would probly look at me a whole new way. and if you told me about it i will stand there and look at you like your a bowl of shaving cream. i wont remember. guarrenty, i will not know what your talking about. so if you ever see me start geting really hyper then you should get a video camera because what i say and or do can be funny believe it or not. i know that may come as supprise to you but it is. so yeah if you ever see me hyper then get a video camera and tape it then watch me go from realy hyper to absolutely happens very quickly. ill be really hyper and then out of no where im no longer classified as living. it gets funny. later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hola peoples. im back and i had the most amazing time at hyc. i made new friends i saw old friends and i just had great time all around. the services and the resturants and the hotel rooms it was all amazing. i would have to say that this was the best hyc ive ever been to. so much happened to me that i cant tell you all of it. it was just great. thenwe went to the mall and i had a great time there. i hung out with one of my friends that i met on thursdy night and she was pretty cool. i hung out with her at the mall and then that nigh after the service when everybody was playing basket ball. i had a good time. and the youth group was like drawn closer together. well ill talk more later. i have to go break my bdoy with a very extreme workout. so later peeps.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

hey what it do? this is gonna be short. we are leaving today to go to hyc.its gonna be great. and im gonna have fun. my friends are going and its gonna rock. ok im done. oh b the way the cathyyou wont be able to read this till you get back but i fixxed my blog to where peopl can comment. so blahhhh. later yall

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

these are some more pictures of me and bandit takin at our house in iowa park. i was playing basketball and a lady across the street was a professional photographer and she had extra film and didnt know what to do with it. so she took pictures of us. i had all my hair under my hat. it was long. that was the year i let it get down to

the bottom of my jaw line. that was just the hair on the side of my head and the back. the top was probly the same length but my hair is really curly so it looks shorter. im letting it grow out agian and get long like that. i hate my hair short. the cool thing about living there at iowa park was when i went to school some girls i hhung out with would purposely sit behind me in class and they would play wit my hair and it put me to sleep.

hello alll you happy people.

this was takin like three years ago. at iowa park. thats me of course and my dog bandit. he is actually still alive wich amazezes me because huskies dont usually live to be four years old. im gonna put the rest of them up later but thats all ican do for now. my dog is

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

hey how are ya? if you read my last post and didnt understand it then dont worry. i was trying to sort something out by typing. it kinda worked but then agian im still confused. so i took my own advice and the next morning i woke up ate breakfast and did some homework but then i got my shoes on wrapped my hands and went to boxing and hammering on my boxing bag. as a matter of fact i hammered so hard that i wore a whole in my knuckle. i was raging adn then after about an hour of nothing butt boxing i unwrapped my hands and started lifting weights. after i got done working out i could barely pick up a cup. so my day went really well. then today i woke up and im really sore. i dont think i could hold hands up long enough to box today. thats a good thing. if hurt then i got a great workout. then i will be doing it agian tomorrow. i cant wait. so yeah my day is going fairly good. i talked to my big brother toaday and hes doing good after his surgery. he is still siting arounnd the house. but other then that hes doing pretty good. every body is doing good. and that is groovy. so im sitting here looking at my hand and there is a spot on my knuckle that has a whole in it. its really cool looking. its redish and its got little specs of black and grey. ok my times is up so if any of you want to see my hand just ask me at church and i will gladly show you. i think my knucks are swolen. sweet. yes i did have my hands wrapped with tape and i had gloves on. so just in case your thinking im boxing with out gloves your wrong. i only do that with people i dont know. lol. im just kidding i dont start fights. i just hit a bag so that i can have to win the fight if i get in one. ok so ummmm. later

Sunday, April 1, 2007

ola. if you were me and i were you, and you wich would really be me just happen to be interested in a perticular girl that might be interested in you wich would really be me. then what would (aka me) do? how would you atrrack her attention and actually get her to talk to you? what do you say and how do you say it? oh boy. im a dumb dumb. im so conbulated i cant think in a staright curve. i just think about what to say and how to say it with out looking like an absolute idiot. i mean i know what i want to say but when i get a chance to say it i get cottn mouth. i think i just need to ummmmm. OH YES!!!!!! I SHOULD GO LIFT WEIGHTS AND BOX!!!!!! THAT ALLWAYS TAKE MY TROUBLES AWAY. for a while. then after that im to sore to think about the rest of the world and all i think about is getting a nice hot shower. yes thats what ill do. wow its amazing what you can think of when your going crazy about a problem. thats all yall. see ya on the flipside

Saturday, March 31, 2007

now you guys want to see some real cars? cars that have class and speed and a body that would make a model jelouse. then take a look at these. this bottom one one a 1933 chevy mercery coupe. 350 engine im guessing and four smooth gears. this thing holds a total of 2 people. next. a 1935 chevy coupe. 350 engine!!! 1932 Ford Coupe!!! dude this is what is gonna attracked attention. these things are bad to the bone. these re bfore muscle cars though. these are the most famous of all. street rods. they ruled the srteets back in the 30s through the 50s. they usually put 350 engines in these but imagine putting a 454. or better a 572 in one of these. can you imagine how much attention you would be getting. just think your driving on kemp and some body in a honda civic comes up beside you and wants to race. he revs his little motorcycle engine and you look at him and laugh. then you rev your engine and his car falls apart because of the loudness and the vibrations. if you own one of these poeple will pull over to the side of the road and let you buy because they are just that bad. there like royalty of cars. the may be old but they still got every bit of spunk they had when they were new. maybey more. now you can have corvettes and chargers and camaros. but me personally i choose the these. they can do what ever you want them to. that includes drifting racing for pink slips and weaving in and out of traffic. so if japan really wants to take these bad boys on then, i say bring it on. they couldnt even win with nos. but thats all i got right now. so see yall later

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

hola. i dont really no wat to rite im just stalling for homework. yeah its pretty boring stuff. and its bad for your health. and it makes my head hurt. its a really painfull process. i would rather be riding motorcycles or shoot ing guns or blowing something up. or fishing. me my pole on a boat out in the middle of nowhere on a lake or a pond. just sittin there fishing. see for me fishing is not all about catching fish. its about relaxing and being able to just leave all your problems on the shore and just sit there and enjoy gods great earth. the sound of the water hitting the boat and your line bobbing up and down, and rocking back and forth and back and forth and up and down and up and down. just getting in touch with your lazy side. its really a very fun thing to do.i could do that all day. just being on water by myself is very intersting. then theres ridingthe rapids. getting a big rush by going down the rapids and trying not to hit the rocks, just paddling with the water going really fast and then all of a suddan out of nowhere your paddling and then you go over this big waterfall. your boat goes in nose first and your with it. inside the boat locked in and just waiting to come back up and breathe. it sounds fun doesnt it? ive never done it yet. but ive seen video clips of guys doing and it looks really fun. then rock climbing. not ust any slanted rock. im talking about a straight up 90 degree cliff. going all the way up and then replling down the whole rock. now that sounds like fun. then theres skydiving. jumping out of airplanes at really high altatudes and free falling down and just waiting for the right time to open your shoot. i could go into all kinds of stuff but i i cant right now because i have to go do some really boring homework. so see yall lata

Monday, March 26, 2007

wow. last night was amazing. i went to church and i got a new filling. it was absolutely great. everything that happened last was just great. on a scale of 1-10. id say it was about um 20. yeah something like that. but its amazing. things are really starting to happen in this church and it rocks. now if i can just get some of my friends to start coming maybey they will see what it feels like to be filled with holy ghost and be baptized. maybey they will actually feel loved and if i can get them to come maybey i can get them to keep coming back. i have alot of friends and not just here. if can get them to expierience this then mabyey they will get there freinds and so on and so forth. i dont want to see my friends burn in a pit of fire. btu anyways im glad tosee all my church frineds getting wat they needed. if some one that doesnt go lifetabernacle in wichita falls texas reads this and your wondering what im talking about then go to the church and see what all the excitement is about. you will be glad you did. and if you dont live here then find an apastolic church and go there and ask some one about the holyghost and how great it is to have it. you will be glad you did. ihope that all my friendds can expierience this. its amazing and you will love it. im so excited about living for god and i gotta tell some one.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

ill try to keep this short. i woke up today and i was feeling pretty good. i dont know why but i was. guess i had a good dream. who knows. but i got up and did something to my blog checked my email and all that. then i got dressed and went ut and mowed the lawn. after that i saw one of my friends and we had a chat. then i went to town and took my sister some where and me and my mom drove around for a while then we went to acadamy and looked around and if there is any thing you need that deals with the out doors or fitness thats the place to go. but anyways. i saw one of my old friends there and he was with his dad who is a former marine. they were looking at guns and so was and he taught me how to hold an assault rifle. it was a combination of an m16 and an m4. it was bad and i really want one. it wasnt very light but it wasnt very heavy it was kinda in between. but it rocked because the way your suppossed to hold an assault rifle is totally differnt from a normal gun. its hard to explain with out showing you. but it was cool. then my day got even better because after we picked up my dad we stopped to get some gas and a guy pulled up in a 1971 buick skylark. but i didnt pay any attention to it when he pulled up. but i said something to my mom about the pipes and i guess he heard me becuase he revd his engine up and the pipes start roaring. it was really cool. while my dad was getting gas i talked to the guy about his very cool car and it was just really cool.we talked about were he bought it and what he was going to do to it and what was allready in it. it was really cool it was blue and it had chrome. even though it had some chipped paint it still looked good. i just had a good day all around. its pretty cool. i just hope tomorow goes as good as today went. dude. and i said i was gonna keep this short. oh yeah to top things off i got to talk to my grandpa tonight. hes a great guy. i wsh i could see him more though. well thats all. good night.

ladies and gentlemen in the year 2001 i belive chevy said that they were no longer going to continue making the camaro. there was a bit of an up roar about this. they said that they werent sure they would ever make it agian. well its been five years and everybody hasbeen impaitenly wiating for them to decide. including me. finally they have. the chevy camaro is back. in the year 2008 chevy is most likely going to bring it back. its a very beastly looking car. it kinda looks like the they took all the models from 67 to 69 maybey 70 and combined them all into one amazing looking car. check out the specs for this beast.
Standard Transmission
6-Speed Manual
Horsepower @ RPM
Torque @ RPM
Electric Torque Feet Per Pound
thats like how much power it has and what kind of tranny it has. it get better. this is not as quick as the challenger but it gets there.
Top Speed
now if that doesnt make you druel then you must be one of those people who cares nothing about cars. like i said the new dodge challenger is alot quicker but this thing is just as beastly. the challenger gets from 0-60 in like 4.5 seconds. even the old ones are that fast. this is the new camaro yall. the 08 is a concept car. but they said that the 09 will most likely have a supersport. i no that i wont be able to buy one of these untillim like 25 or something but i can sstill go test drive it just to see how i like it. theres no law agianst that.

Friday, March 23, 2007

hey yall. i would like to introduce to you. the girl of my dreams. this the 2007 harley davidson vrsc night rod. this bike is bad to the bbbbbone!!!!!!! MPG: 47.7 hwy / 37.4 city. thi thing weighs 643 lbs. it gets better. look at the drag times on this thing. this is the 2006 racing times. i figured why get the 07 drag times when the 06 are just as good.

1/4 Mile ET:
1/4 Mile MPH:
1/8 Mile ET:
1/8 Mile MPH:
0-60 Foot ET:
is that not bad?????? dude this the bike i want. i know its gonna take some savin and not buying anything but i can do that. this thing is a 5 speed manual. its bad. its gotta five gallon tank. is that not cool? i love this bike allready and i dont even have one. YET!!!! i dont know right off the top of my head how much it will cost but i know it will be a pretty penny. well just thought i would you know what i like. its not just about speed. its about sound to. and to be on the back of a harley on the open road just sounds like and amazing ride. just cruising along on the back of your bike and looking at the surroundings. i just cant wwait till i get a job. but you have nothing to worry about im gonna take a safty course. so i can learn how to drive that thing. so yeah i just found that interesting and i thought i would share it with yall. well thats all. lata

hey wats goin on all my people? nah just kiddin. but how yall doin. im good hey kevin i got an idea since where both homeschooled i was thinking maybey if your parents would allow it maybey i could come over sometime and we could do something. maybey do some home work for a while and then maybey go walk around or play guitar or somethin. who knows we could think of a bunch of stuff to do. well stuff that would be leagal and if oyur parents dont care. ill talk to my parents you talk to yours and maybey well get somethin going here. who knows wat we could do. well we know all the bad things we could do but we wont. but there is plenty to do in burk while everyone is in school. we could have a blast. and by the way. hyc is gonna be great. youll like it. its alot of fun.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



Friday, March 16, 2007

hey wats going on? i know its been a while since ive done this.not much is new just getting impaitent. in two months im turnig 18 and i cant wait.everyday i get more impaitent. i cant wait. there is so much i want to do. i will be finally be able to get the kind of job i want and make some real cash. maybey then i will be able get a place of my own. but when i turn 18 i plan on taking some fire saftey training and becoming a fire fighter. get to ride those big red fire trucks and actually do what i want. and then after i graduate highscchool im gonna be going to OSU. that way i can take my career farther. plus after i graduate from OSU i will be an officer. ill have a batchlors degree and ill be a firemen. what more could you ask for? thats like one of the coolest things there is. ill be physically fit and i will be doin pretty good for my self. then after a few years of being a firemen im gonna be a police officer then after about three or four years on the force im gonna try out for swat. that would be very interesting. but till then im gonna be kickin with the fire department of wichita falls. but the cool thing is ill be living on my own. hopefully. ohhh i cant wait. but dont worry evrybody will still be seeing me. ill probly be on call alot though. i dont want to leave this town because of the church. i plan on coming back here after i graduate from OSU. i might go to dallas but im not sure. but i will have a motorcycle. no matter what i will have one those. i dont want you to think im trying to rebel, im just a very indepent person. i allways have been. and plus i have allways wanted a bike. there fast and they aare very good on gas. i will most likely get a sports bike. probly a gsxr. there very light and there very small. wich makes them even faster. but im gonna be different and take the govenor off. that way i will be able to hit speeds that my friends cant. over 200 mphs. thats fast. and i cant wait. im running out of stuff to say. if you are wondering why nothing is capitalized its because i dont ever capitalize. even when i write on paper. its just my trade mark. and if i do capitalize, it look like ThIs AnD iTs ReAlLy CoOl. but other then that capitalisation takes to much time. besides i think its cooler to just write like this.. im not getting graded for it. by the way i did this when i was in public school. most of the time just to make the teachers mad. i had so much fun when i wwent to public school. like when i was in the 8th grade i would argue with my science teacher that evolution was fake and god made the earth. i told her that the big bang theory was fake and that the only thing capeable of making something this great was god. i think she hated me. but it was fun because i backed it up with scripture one day and i made her so mad because she couldnt say anything and plus the whole class was laughing there heads off. that had to be the funnest year ever. i used to make her mad on purpose. like one time i chewed some gum in class and she told me to spit it out. so i did. but as soon as i got back to my seat i put another one in my mouth. time went by. ttthen she told me to spit my gum out. i did. then i went back to my seat and put some paper in my mouth and started chewing that. well she told me put it in the trash, so i did. i sat back down and started chewing my tounge.then she told me to spit watever i had in my mouth in the trash. well i told her it was my tounge. she said stop. i said ok. then i strarted doing it agian. i got sent to the office. came back and started over. to make a long story short i got sent to the office about three times in one class. 45 minutes. thats gotta besome kinda record. and every time i was sent there for chewing gum that i didnt have. it was my tounge. she was a mean teacher though. i never liked her. i know i should not have done that but really come on. you used to be my age and you used like to make your teacher mad once in a while. everybody does someething like that at leasst one time in there life. i mean what fun is school if you cant on your teachers nerves? i wasnt a bad kid i was just feeling kinda onry that day. but that was four years ago and i wish i was still in public school. this home school thing is killing me. no friends to hang out with not being able to make a paper airplane in class. not getting fed at the same time every day. really most people say that they would rather be homeschooled. well they dont know that having your parents for your teacher is worse then fighting with all the teachers in a public school. its torcher. there harder then private schools. i hate being homeschooled. it is the appitamy of a ll bad things. i am a people person and need to be around people daily or i go absolutely crazy. and plus i miss playing baseball. it gave me reason to actually go to school. that would be the only reason i ever wanted to go to school. because of baseball. thats my game. but i got to admit if i was going to public school i would be playing every sport there is. plus powerlifting and all the other stuff i like. well thats all for tonight im out of words. lata

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hey wats up? its 3:26 am and im still up. i dont know why but i am. i wish it start thndering and lighting. and raining. LONGGGGG and hard.i love stormy weather. its so relaxing. little bit of rolling thunder. lighting dancing around everywhere and rain falling in every direction. if i put two of the same letters in a word dont think anything of it. first of all im looking at the key board and second i am starting to feel the afex of the pill i starting to get loopy. so if start talking about something that is totally random then think nothing of it. its the meds talkin not me. actually what i took is a pain pill that the oral sergin perscribed to me when i got my wisdom teeth out and he said that i can them refilled three times. im on the second. but he said that if i ever need them to knock out some pain then take one. he told me when i went in to get my teeeth out that the pills would make loopy and tired. after my last visit with him i told him the pills made me go to sleep and he said that if i ever need them to go to sleep then take one. i did. it works like a charm. he also wants to talk to my doctor and try to get me a perscription because these pills make me so relaxed that i dont even twitch. if i do its only like one twitch every five minutes.its so cool i am getting totally relaxed write at this very moment. its soooooooo cool. most likely in the next five minutes i am going to get up from this computer and go lay down on my bed. maybey. ok goodbye

Friday, February 23, 2007

hey wats going on people? so theres going to be some really big retreat this weekend and i guess im going to be there. yeah im gonna be throwin down with my friends and who knows what were gonna be doing. maaybey ill make new freinds or something like that. but im sorrry to say that this will probly be my last blog entry. i will be checking my blog but probly wont be riting on it anymore. so if you have anything to say about me not writing then please let me know. so umm. see ya peeps. it was nice to meet everybody that i didnt know. and it was nice to hear from the people i do know. see ya lata

Monday, February 12, 2007

well my weak sure has been interesting. for starters last weak i started to get sick but i didnt.i just had a headache. i took two advil and a few hours later i was runnin around being normal, and doing crazy stuff. just like always. thank god all i had this weak was a stopped up nose. but it didnt stop me from doin anything except breathing. i dont mind the cold so much its all the unpleasent things that have to come with the flew, colds, the cold air. i can take anything you throw at me. but if i have the choise of doing everything but the cold. ill take it. but ill rpobly end up moving to a log cabbon up in the rockies some where. on the side of a mountain. ill wake up every morning at 5:30 and get some thing to drink and go sit on my front or back porch and wach the sun come up. then ill go get my fishing pole and siit out on a lake in a row boat in absolute peace. i like the water. not enough to join the navy but enough to have my own boat. hopefully a pretty good sized one man boat. and a row boat. my house will have a lake in the back that leads into a bigger lake. then after a few hours of fishing or just rowing, ill go and take a shower. then ill go chop some fire wood or somethin and then who knows. but it will just be me and my dog. im one of those guys who could possibly fall in love and get married, but i will most likely just get a couple of good loyal dogs and live by my self. yup thats me. i could do that. probly the guy out of all of us boys who could. oh well there loss.. =)

Friday, February 9, 2007

hello folks. i finally got a hiar cut. unfortunately. but its not to bad. its groing on me. my dad thinks i look like a marine. its kinda cool to because i dont have to anything to and it still looks good. i can wake up and my hair is still in the same spot that it was the night before. i thought about joining the marines. still thinking about it. i need a challenge in my life and that would absolutely be a challenge. yes it would. so my lifes jusst about the same as it was the other day. how bout yours? any thing new or different? hey does anybody no how to get a good nights sleep with out waking up every three hours? i think that why im allways tired and dont have enough energy to last allday. oh well. i hate winter. its so cold and boring. yyuo cant even walk around in a short sleeve shirt beccause somebody is allways affraid your gonna get sick. i still walk around in short sleeve shirts. i dont care wat any body says. i hardly ever wair a long sleeve shirt. the come up any ways. so wats the point. ok. i have an idea. ill go and try to think of a good idea. thats all folks. lata

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i cant think anything to write. so ill just give a shout out to who ever reads this and yeah thyats about it. lata

Monday, February 5, 2007

yeah. i am totaly back to normal. im no longer having to sit around the house and be lazy. i can go work out and get back to my normal everday schedual. rocky balboa eat your heart out. im back AND NONE CAN STOP ME. yeah!!!!!! ok i just had to get that out. if your wondering why i was not doing anything i got my wisdom teeth out last friday. there GONE!!!!ill never NEVER have to worry about that agian. thank you jesus!!!!!!ok im running out of stuff to say. so i guess ill caych ya lata. peace yall!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

ok. its morning so that means that last night really did happen. i went to a youth rally and alot of stuff happened. i was down at the front praying and somethin happened that will probly change my life for ever. im not gonna say wat happened but all you need to know is that something happened. i cried if that tells you somethin. i dont cry. ever. well thats all for now. so ttfn. tata for now.

Friday, February 2, 2007

yes well this is very intersting. tena i think i fixed it. i dont though. im still trying to figure this out. but im confident that i fixed my blog to alow anonmous peole to write. but if i havent please let me know. i want every body to see it. thank you. ummmm lata

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hey how bout this. things you dont no about me.

lets see. i allways have the urdge to get up, pack my bags and just go away for a long time.

i love to do anything that may indanger my own life. like sky diving or racing orjust riding motorcycles or atvs, and going RRREEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY FASSSTTT.

ok then theres kicking face. i love to fight and kick face. because when i do fight i win. i dont go out and start brawlls but i have friends that enjoy fighting as much as i do and we get together and do some crazy stuff sometimes. its fun you get a good work out, and the cool thing is, when ever we fight its not because we hate each other its because wejust enjoy it. and after its all over we just shake hands and just go on about our buisness and have fun.

then theres sports. oh i could talk all day about sports. i love sports, especially baseball. i used to play you know. when i was in school i palyed on the highscool team and i loved every minute of it. i actually played for varsity and junior varsity. i started for both. actually for jv i was there starting pitcher and catcher. on varsity i just started on third base or short stop or out field but i started. it rocked then i had to get homeschooled. unfortinately. i love baseball. it was my first love. i have allways had a ball in m hand. or a bat. i used to want to be a pitcher but after i threw my arm out i started training to be a catcher. the greatest position ever.thats my spot. thats were i belong. i did pitch for my coaches once in a while but most of the time i was behind the plate.

ok i guess your tired of me talking about baseball. so ill talk about something else. hmmmm ok how bout cars. i am mechanic. i enjoy working on cars. i love working on cars. i love cars. my second love. as a matter of fact my passion is american muscle cars. i will have one, or two, or three, or as many as i want. i plan on rebuilding all of them. big fat block engines and LOTS and LOTS of horsepower. and lots of speed.

speaking of speed how about motorcycles? they are the bomb diggady. i am going to have the fastest motorcycle they make. but i cant buy it in america because they have stupid govenors. ill go to japan were they make the ones that dont have govenors. japan is also a place were they make cars that will go really fasty. the nissan skyline for instance. its not leagle in america. there to fast. but people buy them and import them so its all cool. the steering wheel is on the right side of the car to.

ok if you have any thing you want to write about then let me no... im done for now. lata

ok. this getting really old. my life is at the boringest place ever. i just had my stupid wisdom teeth takin out and i cant do anything. i cant do anything for about another week. dude i dont want to take it easy. i want to lift weights and box untill i cant stand or move. then i will think about taking it easy. but i probly wont because i will probly go get my sledge hammer and a shovle and dig out some poles that are in my back yard then i will probly mow the lawn then ill probly go run.and after ive done all that i will go take a shower and then i will go for a walk around town, yes i can do that unlike most of you. my town is very small and you could drag race from one to the other. my town is a drag strip. thats all. its a mile long.straight roads. and absolutely no kids in the roads. ok im running out of stuff to say. yeah im out.

if you were me wat would you write about?