Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ok i know this is not a super sport bike but i still think it would be cool to have one. this is the victory vegas 8-ball. there is a few different ones but i like this one the most. supposedly there made better then harley davidson. and personally i think they look better to. yes they are an American brand and i figured that if im gonna own an American bike then i want to last a long time. something that wont keep breaking down. the starting price for this bike is $13,599. thats ten times cheaper then a harley. thats like the price of Ians bike. and it makes a better sound to. it may not be the fastest thing in the world but thats ok. because you have those days where you wanna go out and race and do something stupid and then you have those days where you just wanna go real slow and enjoy the weather and the view. besides it would be a good bike to start with. and on top of that by the time i get used to riding ill have the money to go buy a Duccatti and slaughter Ian and all of his buddies. haha. in the turns and the straights. and honestly if you wanna laugh at me for getting a crusier then i'd sy your pretty stupid because if your laughing at me then you must lead a really boring life.

Friday, April 18, 2008

well tomorrow is the big day for me. i finally get to to the fire department and do a ride out. wich means im gona hang out at the fire station from 12:00 to 4:00 and if they get called for a fire then were gonna go and i get to go with them. oh yeah. i cant wait. but the thing i dont get is this. i know that the military tries to recruit people when they turn 18 but i havent talked to recruiter in like 6 months. i havent even tried for the army or the air force.the only thing i ever tried for was the marines. why in the world is there numbers like fort bragg and pope air force base on my phone. i havent done anything illeagal. im not hiding any aliens from outer space or any other place. im just your normal every day crazy white boy. all i can say is that if the military wants then bring it on because im ready to go. oh hang on just a second. i just had a thought, umm. i might have gotten myself into this. a while back i met an army ranger in lawton a few months ago and i told him my name. he told me that he used to be a ranger and now he is an officer in the air force. i dont remeber his name. well if they want me. then they can have me because i think it would be a blast being an army ranger or green beret. but this aint the first time something weird has happened to me when i was like 13 we were some where and i went to the bath room and some guy knocked on the door and asked for andrew hallford. the only way i know that is when i got out of the bath room some kid was like hey dude are you andrew hallford. i told him i was and asked how he new my name. he said some guy wearing a black coat with a black suit white shirt black shoes black pants and a pair of shades was looking for me. you know the typical FBI agent you see in pictures. yeah thats what he looked like. thats what the kid said anyways. since that day its boggled my mind and ive wondered what in the world they want with me. im not gonna fight them though. if the military wants me then BRING ON THE PAIN!!!!!!!! LETS ROCK THIS JOINT.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

well it looks like the gsxr 1000 has found its match. i bet this bike would eat a bussa for breakfast. yes this is photo shop. i found on google i was looking at some choppers and i found this. but it looks cool. but i do know one thing if you could do that with motorcycle then its gonna hurt when you hit the brick wall or semi in front of you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

well went to the doctor today because i was running a really high fever they think i have strep throte. i had to miss a class tonight because of it.this is so not cool. why does it allways have to be some kind of sickness going around? why cant there be like some dude going around giving every body he touches a good dose of $1000? i could use a thousand dollars. i could use in my bank account. oh well im going to bed yall my head is starting to hurt agian. and it feels like somebody took a knife and just carved into my throate. not cool and i cant go through up wich makes it bad.