Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hey how bout this. things you dont no about me.

lets see. i allways have the urdge to get up, pack my bags and just go away for a long time.

i love to do anything that may indanger my own life. like sky diving or racing orjust riding motorcycles or atvs, and going RRREEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY FASSSTTT.

ok then theres kicking face. i love to fight and kick face. because when i do fight i win. i dont go out and start brawlls but i have friends that enjoy fighting as much as i do and we get together and do some crazy stuff sometimes. its fun you get a good work out, and the cool thing is, when ever we fight its not because we hate each other its because wejust enjoy it. and after its all over we just shake hands and just go on about our buisness and have fun.

then theres sports. oh i could talk all day about sports. i love sports, especially baseball. i used to play you know. when i was in school i palyed on the highscool team and i loved every minute of it. i actually played for varsity and junior varsity. i started for both. actually for jv i was there starting pitcher and catcher. on varsity i just started on third base or short stop or out field but i started. it rocked then i had to get homeschooled. unfortinately. i love baseball. it was my first love. i have allways had a ball in m hand. or a bat. i used to want to be a pitcher but after i threw my arm out i started training to be a catcher. the greatest position ever.thats my spot. thats were i belong. i did pitch for my coaches once in a while but most of the time i was behind the plate.

ok i guess your tired of me talking about baseball. so ill talk about something else. hmmmm ok how bout cars. i am mechanic. i enjoy working on cars. i love working on cars. i love cars. my second love. as a matter of fact my passion is american muscle cars. i will have one, or two, or three, or as many as i want. i plan on rebuilding all of them. big fat block engines and LOTS and LOTS of horsepower. and lots of speed.

speaking of speed how about motorcycles? they are the bomb diggady. i am going to have the fastest motorcycle they make. but i cant buy it in america because they have stupid govenors. ill go to japan were they make the ones that dont have govenors. japan is also a place were they make cars that will go really fasty. the nissan skyline for instance. its not leagle in america. there to fast. but people buy them and import them so its all cool. the steering wheel is on the right side of the car to.

ok if you have any thing you want to write about then let me no... im done for now. lata

ok. this getting really old. my life is at the boringest place ever. i just had my stupid wisdom teeth takin out and i cant do anything. i cant do anything for about another week. dude i dont want to take it easy. i want to lift weights and box untill i cant stand or move. then i will think about taking it easy. but i probly wont because i will probly go get my sledge hammer and a shovle and dig out some poles that are in my back yard then i will probly mow the lawn then ill probly go run.and after ive done all that i will go take a shower and then i will go for a walk around town, yes i can do that unlike most of you. my town is very small and you could drag race from one to the other. my town is a drag strip. thats all. its a mile long.straight roads. and absolutely no kids in the roads. ok im running out of stuff to say. yeah im out.

if you were me wat would you write about?