Thursday, December 6, 2007

ok here its is. the bike im going to get. i sit on one and i talked to the sales guy and now im oficcially a die hard fan of gixxer. the one i like is blue and black but this picture will work. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! mine is gonna have chrome rims though. hey kevin im all for the gixxer. the rock. ok thats about it. gotta go.

Monday, December 3, 2007

well here it is. the 2009 trans am. i havent found out anything about it but i thought i would at least show you what it looks like. PPPRRREEETTTYY huh? i think so. there was other pictures but i liked this one. i like blue. blue is like my favorite color. i dont know how fast but i know its fast. its a trans am. they kick hind end as good as the challenger. kevin since i cant seem to get this pic on my mp3 youll have to see it this way bro. well. i guess thats all. hope you like it. well even if you dont i do. i dont care how much some of my friends hate american muscle not naming any names. cough cough!!!!(IAN)cough cough!!!!!! i still like it. i just like muscle cars... this is gonna be one of the hardest decisions ive ever made. when they come out should i get the dodge challenger? or the new trans am? wow talk about tuff choices.!!!! there both so cool and amazing. or maybe ill buy the challenger in 2009. because in 2008 its just a concept car. and in 2010 ill buy the trans am. cause we all know that concept cars come out first and even though they look cool and there fast the car is alot better if its and R/T or an SS.... ill probly buy them both. and before i buy those im getting a zx6r. oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! it s not the fastest bike but itll work. for a few years.