Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hey wats up? its 3:26 am and im still up. i dont know why but i am. i wish it start thndering and lighting. and raining. LONGGGGG and hard.i love stormy weather. its so relaxing. little bit of rolling thunder. lighting dancing around everywhere and rain falling in every direction. if i put two of the same letters in a word dont think anything of it. first of all im looking at the key board and second i am starting to feel the afex of the pill i starting to get loopy. so if start talking about something that is totally random then think nothing of it. its the meds talkin not me. actually what i took is a pain pill that the oral sergin perscribed to me when i got my wisdom teeth out and he said that i can them refilled three times. im on the second. but he said that if i ever need them to knock out some pain then take one. he told me when i went in to get my teeeth out that the pills would make loopy and tired. after my last visit with him i told him the pills made me go to sleep and he said that if i ever need them to go to sleep then take one. i did. it works like a charm. he also wants to talk to my doctor and try to get me a perscription because these pills make me so relaxed that i dont even twitch. if i do its only like one twitch every five minutes.its so cool i am getting totally relaxed write at this very moment. its soooooooo cool. most likely in the next five minutes i am going to get up from this computer and go lay down on my bed. maybey. ok goodbye

Friday, February 23, 2007

hey wats going on people? so theres going to be some really big retreat this weekend and i guess im going to be there. yeah im gonna be throwin down with my friends and who knows what were gonna be doing. maaybey ill make new freinds or something like that. but im sorrry to say that this will probly be my last blog entry. i will be checking my blog but probly wont be riting on it anymore. so if you have anything to say about me not writing then please let me know. so umm. see ya peeps. it was nice to meet everybody that i didnt know. and it was nice to hear from the people i do know. see ya lata

Monday, February 12, 2007

well my weak sure has been interesting. for starters last weak i started to get sick but i didnt.i just had a headache. i took two advil and a few hours later i was runnin around being normal, and doing crazy stuff. just like always. thank god all i had this weak was a stopped up nose. but it didnt stop me from doin anything except breathing. i dont mind the cold so much its all the unpleasent things that have to come with the flew, colds, the cold air. i can take anything you throw at me. but if i have the choise of doing everything but the cold. ill take it. but ill rpobly end up moving to a log cabbon up in the rockies some where. on the side of a mountain. ill wake up every morning at 5:30 and get some thing to drink and go sit on my front or back porch and wach the sun come up. then ill go get my fishing pole and siit out on a lake in a row boat in absolute peace. i like the water. not enough to join the navy but enough to have my own boat. hopefully a pretty good sized one man boat. and a row boat. my house will have a lake in the back that leads into a bigger lake. then after a few hours of fishing or just rowing, ill go and take a shower. then ill go chop some fire wood or somethin and then who knows. but it will just be me and my dog. im one of those guys who could possibly fall in love and get married, but i will most likely just get a couple of good loyal dogs and live by my self. yup thats me. i could do that. probly the guy out of all of us boys who could. oh well there loss.. =)

Friday, February 9, 2007

hello folks. i finally got a hiar cut. unfortunately. but its not to bad. its groing on me. my dad thinks i look like a marine. its kinda cool to because i dont have to anything to and it still looks good. i can wake up and my hair is still in the same spot that it was the night before. i thought about joining the marines. still thinking about it. i need a challenge in my life and that would absolutely be a challenge. yes it would. so my lifes jusst about the same as it was the other day. how bout yours? any thing new or different? hey does anybody no how to get a good nights sleep with out waking up every three hours? i think that why im allways tired and dont have enough energy to last allday. oh well. i hate winter. its so cold and boring. yyuo cant even walk around in a short sleeve shirt beccause somebody is allways affraid your gonna get sick. i still walk around in short sleeve shirts. i dont care wat any body says. i hardly ever wair a long sleeve shirt. the come up any ways. so wats the point. ok. i have an idea. ill go and try to think of a good idea. thats all folks. lata

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i cant think anything to write. so ill just give a shout out to who ever reads this and yeah thyats about it. lata

Monday, February 5, 2007

yeah. i am totaly back to normal. im no longer having to sit around the house and be lazy. i can go work out and get back to my normal everday schedual. rocky balboa eat your heart out. im back AND NONE CAN STOP ME. yeah!!!!!! ok i just had to get that out. if your wondering why i was not doing anything i got my wisdom teeth out last friday. there GONE!!!!ill never NEVER have to worry about that agian. thank you jesus!!!!!!ok im running out of stuff to say. so i guess ill caych ya lata. peace yall!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

ok. its morning so that means that last night really did happen. i went to a youth rally and alot of stuff happened. i was down at the front praying and somethin happened that will probly change my life for ever. im not gonna say wat happened but all you need to know is that something happened. i cried if that tells you somethin. i dont cry. ever. well thats all for now. so ttfn. tata for now.

Friday, February 2, 2007

yes well this is very intersting. tena i think i fixed it. i dont though. im still trying to figure this out. but im confident that i fixed my blog to alow anonmous peole to write. but if i havent please let me know. i want every body to see it. thank you. ummmm lata