Thursday, June 21, 2007

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! yeah. 6 days till im old enough to do almost anything. i can go one of those really hard core labor jobs, or i can go get surtified to be a welder, i can make my own decisions. OR i can sign my life away and not have any trouble doing it. there wold be no, well you need to have your parents sign this or that. there would how old are you? 18. ok, just sign here and well get you set up. thats all it would be. not that i am going to do that. i was just using that as an example. it still leangers in the back of mind though. i will probly just get a job in a macine shop and work there for about a year and then im gonna go take my firefighter training. yeah!!!!!! oh but i have to wait a year. stupid head injury. messed up my plans. oh well it'll give me a chance to build a whole lot of strength. i cant really work untill august but still. you no what i mean. so yeah to all those people out there who are going to another year older on june 27th. happy b-day

Friday, June 15, 2007

hey yall wats up? thursday night i got to go the youth camp in oklahoma. it was great. i had a good time. i got to see alot of my friends and i got to see meili. i talked to her and she's doing great. i really miss her. but i got her number so ill call and talk to her. but while i was there i learned something that makes me real restless. one of the guys i used to know has something wrong with his brain. i think my friend said he has a tumor and there was some leaking going on. i dont know the details but my friend said that he was totally different. they said he is not like he used to be. he cant do anything and he is not the same person. he is a great guy. well he was the last time i talkted to him. i dont know what he's like now. i cant imagine what he is going through. i saw him about two years ago and he seemed perfectly fine. its just kinda crazy how something can happen just like that. one time you see them and then the next time your friend tells you that the guy you used to know has changed there is a possabilaty that he may never be the same agian. i know that we serve a god that can change that and im believing that he will. its just that you dont expect these things. he was a great guy. one of my close friends that i have know since i was little is dieing and unless god interviens he will. i almost cried when my buddy told me. since i came home from the camp grounds its been on my mind. his name is kurtis. i was just wondering if you would pray for him. it would mean alot to me and i know it would mean alot to his family. if you just pray for 5 minutes that would be great. and pray for my grandpa to. he is one of the greatest men to ever walk the face of the earth. he was a soldier and preacher. there are alot of great men out there. he is the greatest. since i was a little kid he has been my hero. i wanted to be just like him. and i still do. hes got alot on his plate right now.please pray!!!!!!! i dont what i would be without this man in my life. your never to big or to old to have a hero. he will always be my hero. untill the day i die. please pray for the two great people. i know you dont them but it would mean alot to me. thanks. see ya

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ok the top one is because i thought it was funny. BUT THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes. aint it a thing of beauty. the harley davidson fatboy. this bike is bad. i dont think it is as expencive as the vrod and it still looks great. this probly the bike i will be getting. eventually. but im gonna have to chane it up a little bit. its gonna need new chrome rims. and better exhaust pipes. a new paint job and i might bring the front end out just a smidge. but one thing at a time. HEY WILL YOU SHOULD GET ONE TO!!!!!!!! THAT WAY WE COULD TRAVEL ACROSS COUNTRY. just me and you. or maybey we could convince danial and ian and jessi and kevin and my big brother to get one so we could all travel together. yeah and andre to. and if you get to take some one with you then i do to. its only fair.