Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ladies and gentle men. its my pleasure to introduce to you. my grandpa. he is one the closest friends i have. he knows things about that not even kevin, my parents or any body els knows. this is the person i telling everything to. what ever i decide to this is the man that knows first. if decide to go and join the military he will know before any body els. why because he is my hero. my grandpa. and he is my closest friend. i love him with everything in me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ok imagine if you can, being out in left field and feeling the wind pick up all of a sudden and then stopping. then picking up agian, and then looking up in the sky and seeing a funel coming down over your head. instead of screaming at the top of your lungs in fear you yell at the center fielder and tell him to look up. he does and you both just stand there say thats so cool. yeah i know. then just going back to you game. i did that. i was at a baseball game in perkins. the sky was all nice and green and there was rain and all that good stuff. me and my friend didnt even tell the coaches. we touhgt it was cool. it is cool. then it stated lighting and the told every one to go down into the basement at the highschool. this repeated about times. we would come out of the school and it would be ok to play we get in the middle of the game and it would happen agian.finally they reschedualed the game. but it was really cool. some people say dude thats a twister you should be scared and go hide. there probably right i should be scared. yeah i should. but after living in tornadoe alley all my life i dont really see a point in being scared. seriously. when we lived in kansas they had horrible twisters. i think its fun to just sit and watch as they tear up things. im one of those crazy people who would instead of going down in the cellar i would grab my camera and make sure i had plenty of battery. i would go outside and watch the thing go by.when that big twister hit okc a few years ago i heard on the news, thats there was an old lady in her house. seh stepped outside on her back porch and she could clearly se it. she said she could feel the wind pulling. she wasnt close enough to get sucked in but she set out there and watch as that thing tore up okc. i thought that was pretty cool. i just thought i would tell yall that. no reason i just felt like it. later