Thursday, May 31, 2007

A - Available or Single? im available. and im single to.

B - Best Friend- i dont really know so im gonna put my dog bandit

C - Cake or Pie? cherry pie. yeah buddy!!

D - Drink of choice- mountain dew. or coke

E - Essential Item- wieght lifting and running.

F - Favorite Color- electric blue

G - Gummi Bears of Worms-worms the sour ones.

H - Hometown- I was born in Muskogee Ok but I consider Wichita Falls my home town.

I - Indulgence- STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! medium rare.

J - January or February -niether

K - Kids - NONE. IM STILL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

L - Life isn't complete without - God, nice fast car, and motorcycles and wieght lifting

M - Marriage date - none. there gonna have to catch me first!!!!!!!!!! wich is not gonna happen for a long time.

N - Number of siblings four. two of each

O - Oranges or Apples - depends on the day.

P - Phobias/Fears um i dont think either of those words are any part of my life.

Q - Favorite Quote - aint skeered/ no fear.

R - Reasons to Smile - God, and one person who makes me happy and makes my day every time i see them

S -Season(ing) Seasons - SUMMER!!!!!!! and spring. SuGaR!!!!

T - Tag Three - larry, curly, and moe. i dont know who all has been tagged so ill just play it safe

U - Unknown fact about me - im about as secretive as they come.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals - dude any body who knows me knows that i get weak and sick if i dont have meat every day. it is literally my life source

W - Worst Habit? not telling some one how I feel untill its to late.

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds - dude Ive got both. and more and belive me i use them every chance i get


Z - Zodiac - cancer.

Monday, May 28, 2007

hey yall guess what. im BACK IN BLACK!!!!! my life is finally starting to get back to not gonna start wiegh lifting just yet but i am gonna start doing push ups and sit ups. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might start boxing aigan to. not very hard but just enough to get back in shape. know what i mean!?! so yeah im free at last!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! hooha!!!!!!! i have waited an entire week to do something and now its here. yeah!!!! you people probly dont really care about this kinda stuff but i do because lifting boxing and staying fit is a part of me that i cant ignore. since i was a little shrimp i have allways tried to be fit. i allways tried to go farther and push harder then all my friends. and my brothers. im pretty competittive. but im an athlete. have been since i was a baby. when i was younger i had a plan for my life. by the time i was old enough to through a ball i had a plan. my plan was to play baseball all the way through highschool and collage, and the minor leagues and then go to the professionals. i was going to be a pro baseball player. but god had other plans. so after i stopped playing baseball i started boxing. and i started lifting alot more. it became not only another sport but it became part of my life. every day i wake up and i put on some shorts and an old shirt and i would go out to my garage and start working out. just me. nobody else. and if i wasnt lifting or boxing i was runing nad doing sit ups and crunches and all that stuff. jump rope you know the works. well after i got myself a little head injury i couldnt go do that stuff. but now. the time has come for the sitting around the house to stop. it is time. right now im just lifting weights to kinda maintain what i have but as soon as i get my liscence and a job i plan to start body building. HARD CORE!!!!! i dont plan to stop either. because im never going to get old. im gonna be young forever and i will be very youthfull for the rest of my life!!!!!!!! thats the way ahu ahu. i like ahu ahu. thats the way ahu ahu. i like it. ok well i guess thats all right now. if you cant tell im feeling much better. as a matter of fact not only am i feeling better i feel like a million bucks. i am back and i cant be stopped. ;> ok talk to yall later. i think im gonna go cut the grass. lots of love yall. later.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

well i am starting to remember SOME stuff. i still dont remember what happened last week but my dad said it should come back. but there is also a possability that i wont remember last week. my mom got a concusion when she was pregnate with me and she said there is still somestuff she doesnt starting to remember some stuff on the guitar and the bass but nto alot. most of that stuff is all blank. the only stuff i can play at the moment is stuff i have heard since sunday. thats all i can play right now but hopefully the rest of the stuff will fall in behind that. i havent been able to go church because my parents dont want me up and moving around. so i dont know how the rest of my week will be. but my dad did say i can start lifting agian on saturday, so im excited about that. i hate sitting around and doing nothing. it is really bad. i cant wait untill the week end though. that way i can actually do something. yeah!!!!! well see ya later

Friday, May 18, 2007

well i applied at aalot of places tuesday and then i applied at one more place yesterday so hope fully i can get one of them. i actually hope i get the one i applied at yesterday because i think it would be really cool. but its all in gods hands. i am really wanting a job so i can get a car or truck or something. i am tired of not having anything to do besides sit at home and be stupid. i am ready to work. ya know i thought about this. if i do get a job at a place that would alow me to wrok nights then i could at machine shop in the day time and be making some good money. on top of the job i would be working at night. that would be like the coolest thing ever. oh yeah. i would deffinately be having fun with that. talk about a total work out. machine shops will do that for you. its fun to.maybey ill get a job welding. or something like that. i cant wait untill i turn 18. then i can actually do some really hard core jobs that will pay better. because i deffinately need a car. well iguess ill get to doing my school wrok. so ill catch all yall later.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

hello every one. i dont know about you but i have had a very good day. hopefully it stays that way when my family gets home. but anywho. on to more importent subjects. i have an awsome rageous plan!!!!!!!!! and the only thing you have to do is cross your fingers, and hope it i cant tell you what it is just yet. i have to try out before i tell you. but the thing is i have try it out on my dad. that is the reason for crossing your fingers. i just hope he lets me finish what i am saying when i tell him. but anywho. let look on the bright side. IF it works. I SAID IF!!!!!!!!!!!! it works it will totally awsome. because it would involve me and my awsome father, and something else. but it would be like, penut butter and jelly!!! like bbq and ribs! it would like the greatest thing. it would deffenitly be a first for me and my dad. but it would be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok let put it in words we can all understand. it would be cooler then cool!!!! it be absolutely out rageous... no joke if i can get my awsome plan to work then i would be one happy guy. because it just be me and my dad. it would rock my sox off.. hahahaha!!!! man i wish i could you.......... its leagal. dont worry. im just hoping praying that he goes for it. it would be awsome because if he does then it would give us more of a chance to become closer then we are. were allready close but i want to be closer. let me put this way it would give me and him a chance to get away from the rest of the world. it would let us escape. we could actually sit back and enoy the ride. well i am going keep you guys wondering whati it is im talking about. but i have to. just cross your fingers, and i will keep praying that god will make him want to do it. welp. thats it. later yall.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i am beat to a bleeding pulp. i had a long day and it just ended. finally!!! i will soon be giving up for the day and going to find nirvanna. if you dont know what that means it is an asian word for happyness. yes i believe it is chinese for happy place. seriously im not joking. i know alot of people who need to find there happy place. it would do them a great deal of good. goooosss fraba!!! hahaha. just kidding!!!! so yeah im loosing it for the night. so im gonna go do something and then im gonna go to bed. so all yall people who think im gonna right another long page, yourr wrong. because i am oficcially done.!>!:"<>!^&+=_-)(0()/*-+;'/.,`~ wow its amazing how one little key on the key board can distract some people.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

hey yall whats going on?? not alot here im just eating. apple jacks!!! and there really good. im sitting here by my best friend in the entire world. my dog bandit!!!! the greatest dog in the world. but it gets better. check this out his full name is bandit reagon diablo. your probly wondering why, well when we got him we had to have him registered and we couldnt just put bandit. we had to have another name to go with it because there are so many huskies named bandit. well we figured something out. oh and by the way if your wondering my dog does steel and he is not affraid to tell you or anybody else off. he loves fighting more then anything he is an alpha male and he is very stuburn. if he doesnt want to listen to you then he wont. there is not any person on the planet that can make my dog mind when he is being hard headed. not even food will make him mind. he does what he wants and no body can stop him. its his way or the highway. its like a rebelious child gone completely wrong. let me put it this way. we were gonna sign him up for the air force and then we figured out that they wouldnt take him. he fits all the physical requirements but he is so stuburn. he makes donkeys look like sheep. they would try to get him to do something and he would most likely rebel and be lazy. he is the greatest dog in the wrold though and i love him very much. but any who on to other things. i dont know about yall but i just want to get a harley and make it to fit my style and then just pack my bags and hit the road. i want take one of those across the desert and just ride my threw the united states. ok i gotta get off here before i kill my sister. im going to bed and im gonna dream about harley motorcycles and pretty girls. or one or two in particular. who knows but i will dream about them. and motorcycles. what more could you ask for? well ill see yall on the flipside.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Semper fidelis!!!! This is the motto of the United States marine corps; it means allways faithful, to God, family, country, and the corps. when I was at men’s conference brother McLaughland spoke about being faithful to God. no matter what happens you stay faithful. If life throws you a curve ball like say someone in your family gets diagnosed with a deadly disease, you can not start blaming god and asking why did this happen. It’s our human nature to do that, but we can’t. We have to stay faithful and keep believing that god will see us through. Don’t blame god. Don’t blame the doctors. You can’t blame any body. You have to just give your problem to god and he WILL see you through. Some times God will test us to see how strong our faith actually is. He wants us to be more then just a sunshine soldier. What I mean by that is He wants to know if your gonna be there worshiping Him and praising Him.

Semper fidelis semper paratus!!!!!!!!!! Not many people know about that one. It means always ready. What ever comes your way you must be ready. for example living for God can be hard because Satan will throw some thing at you and try to make you fall. You have to be ready to fight; I mean spiritually. I’m talking to myself to. We should all try to be ready for what ever happens. Who knows, God may pick you or me to come on home before He decides to come back. We should be ready for what ever comes our way. Anything can happen at any time.

Ut sementem feceris ita metes!!!!!!! As you sow, so will you reap. Don’t do anything you will regret. How much simpler can it get.

In vino veritas!!!!! There is truth in wine (truth is told by him who has drunk wine). Brother Huntley preached a great message on Thursday night. We ain’t as drunk as we 'pose' to be. He didn’t say this in these exact words, but what he did say is when someone is drunk they will tell you. They will straight up tell they are drunk. They may not say I’m drunk. They may say something like what seems to be the problem occifer, or im not as thunk as you drink I am; things like that will tell you when some one is drunk. I was looking up Latin phrases and I saw this one so I just had to put it on here. Take another drink.

Well I guess that’s all I could find right now. So I hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, one more: si vis pacem, para bellum!!!!! If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

Ok I’m done ya’ll. I will most likely write more later.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

dude its 12:23 and im writing on this thing. i am at mens confrence yes every body is in bed a sleep. i cant sleep. so im just chillin here on my dads laptop. yeah its pretty cool. theres nothing else to do. oh and by the way i am looking at trucks on google.for those of you know me like that, and know what i do on the enternet. but i highly doubt any body at this church knows me like they want to.  i am just now starting to open up to all yall. i bet 90% of you cant even guess my favorite color. you probly dont even know why im so crazy.  but dont feel so bad i keep everybody in the dark about everything. if you dont know what is going on in my life then dont feel bad because nobody does. just me and my dog bandit. its not that i dont trust yall its just that i have never tolled anybody anything about whats going on in my life. i have allways been the quiet one and i never cared what people thought about me. still am the quiet one. still dont care what people think about me.  for example. hey kevin wats going on man????? i just wanna give a shout out to all my peoples that are reading this thing. WATS UP???????? see if i cared what people thought i would not have wrote that. by the way folks i have never been a good speller. so if you think i was raised in a barn then your wrong. im just from oklahoma. and plus i never cared about spelling class. im about to get off of this thing because im starting to get nuttier then a fruit basket, so i guess ill check yall later. good night all yall sleeping people.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

im about to start packing for mens confrence but i thought i would write something on here. but i dont know what to write. ok heres a thought. i need to raise $1,500. pretty quick to. i saw something i want and im gonna do what ever i have to do to get 1,500. your thinking what could he have possibly found for fifteen hundred dollars?well im not gonna tell ya. sorry. but i think im gonna keep it to myself this time. untill i know for sure. yall have fun guessing!!! Cathy! lol. haha. yeah ok im running out of things to say.oh yeah by the way Cathy. im drinking i nice cold mountain dew. it tatse sooooooo good!!! its so satisfying. to bad you cant have any! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok thats all you guys. lol. later