Thursday, December 25, 2008

well here it is folks. the knife i have been wanting for a long time. its a winchester bowie knife, yes it is mine and its very sharp. sharp enough to shave your hair with it. haha i got other stuff for christmas to, but i absolutely love this knife. its amazing. well i think im done for now. so haha i love it. well gottta go yall. later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

hey its been a long time since ive been on here. figured i would right somethin. but unfortunately for us. i cant think of anything to right. so ill do this.

im 19 im looking for a good part time job i enjoy working on cars, im not a certified mechanic and i dont know everything there is to know about cars but i am more then willing to learn. i can push a broom very good. i used to work in a machine shop shoveling metal and busting rocks, im strong enough to do just about anything you can throw at me. i may not look like much but i promise there is alot there. i give it everything in me. everything i do i do with all my heart. this sounds strange. i know, but desprate times call for desprate mesures. i know i dont spell so good but if you have grunt work i can do it. im good with my hands, it may take me a a little bit longer to learn how to do something but if you can afford to take the time to show me i can learn it. my name is andrew hallford and you can get a hold of me by either coming to my church and telling me. thats pretty much the only way to get in touch with me. i love doing outside work, and yes if i have to work in the cold. i will. again i say i am more then willing to learn. it may take me longer but i can do it. so if any body knows of anything that you might think i would be good at then please let me know. thank you. have a nice day

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ok i got bored coming home the otherday. soooo i was playin with my camera. and i took this picture. ive taken others like it. but this one looks absolutely awesome and i wanted yall to see it. let me know what you think. later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ok now tell me what does is it look like this guy is doing? hes riding the curve. your probably wondering why in the world am i talkin about some guy on a bike going into a turn. well its simple.everybody freaks out when ever there life is going great and then all of a sudden something goes wrong and then another and then another, and so on. there going crazy wondering what there going to do about this and they dont ever stop to think that maybe this happened for a reason. maybe God is tryin to get there attention. i know. hes done it to me. and i heard a very good quote from a friend that simply says. IF LIFE THROWS YOU A CURVE. RIDE IT. simple as that. thats all i gotta say and im done. later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ok this is the new camaro SS. it looks amazing. and after seeing it and looking at the specs and wat people are saying bout it and i like it. its gonna be a hard decision between this and the challenger srt8. the camaro SS has a super charged v8 engine from the corvette zo6. and its got a 6 speed manual tranny. this is gonna be really hard for me to decide. and on top of that there saying that camaro will not get over 35,000 dollars. thats pretty cheap. the v6 version is like 20,000 bucks. yeah i know that crazy. but if i get one its going to a camaro SS with the big super charged v8. and it has to be a stick. and its gonna be flat black. with chrome rims. yall are gonna have to help me out. let me know what you think

Saturday, September 13, 2008

brand new exit sign: $75.

mounts and screws to put exit sign up: $35.

realizing that you just put a $4,000 dollar security system right behind the exit sign: priceless. do i need to say anything els?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

all right this is the gun im going to get when i turn 21. same color and same barrel length. i will legally hve a liscence so dont worry. i will have a pair of them on my ribs at all times under my jacket. 357 mags. my favorite pistol. not to big and not to small. perfect. i will have the names betty and martha ingraved on the sides. why betty and martha. because i said. and besides it fits. well thats all. hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

wow its been a while since ive been on here so im gonna write something. i dont know what it will be but im sure that through the rambeling i will find something. blah blah blah blah. ok well thats it for today folks. hahahaha. later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

well as most of you know by now i was at camp when heather told me that had wanted me to call her. so i called my mom and found out that i had been accepted into the fire academy in wichita falls. i couldnt sit still the entire day. i was so excited and i was ready to come home and get started. but i stayed for camp and had a great time. but when i found out that i got in i just had to scream. i did to. right while darren gilbert was talking about the ultimate game or something. i told kassie and cathrine and joseph and kassie told me to scream so i did. ever body looked me like i was freak to. it was kinda funny. but yes i did get into the fire academy and i go to take the written test on september 27th.the test is made up of reading comprehension and algebra. im not very smart when it comes to algebra. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY THAT I CAN REMEMBER THIS STUFF. and then after the written test i go take the physical. that will be the easy part. woooohooooo.!!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats all for now later.

Friday, June 27, 2008

well today is june 27th 2008. its my birth day. YEAAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!im 19 today. and i would like to wish jessica a happy birthday because she is 19 to. we were born on the same day and now were one year older. well thats all later yall. happy bday jessi.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

need i say more?

Monday, June 23, 2008

dude last night i was ubducted by aliens and they took me up into there space ship. i was stuck on a bed of some sort. then i heard this noise that sounded like clippers. i tried to fight but i couldnt move then the next thing i know theres a mirror in front of my face and im looking at my head.then i realized how good it looked and i was like wow.then they put me to sleep and i woke up in my bed. crazy stuff happens in this town yall. seriously. hahahaha. naaaaaa. not really i just got up this morning and shaved my head. then my mom shaved the rest of it when they got home. so its all good. ive got white walls. ennjoy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i feel naked with out my wallet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

five guys on sport bikes are driving along and they come to this sign. they just kinda sit there for a minute and one speaks up. DUDE AS IF WASNT CONFUSED ENOUGH WITH THIS HOLE GO LEFT OR GO RIGHT THING. THEN THIS POPS UP. WHATS WITH THAT MAN? they put there helmets back on and drive off. the end.

Monday, June 2, 2008

hello its me. once agian i find myself sitting in front of this computer. oh well.
i wish i could say what i am thinking. but i cant. i can never find the words. im not very good with words yall know that. but im going to try anyways. first off i want to say that im proud of kevin for not doin something stupid the other night while a few other people did. good job man. keep it up. i wish that all the young people in this church would just wake up and get there minds set on living for God because its making me crazy. when i say all i mean all the ones that are doing stupid stuff and just having a sunday morning shout down and doin everything they can possibly think of on the rest of the week. alchohal cigarettes and what ever else there doin. its not worth it. its going to destroy your liver kill your lungs and when your old and over weight because of the beer belly your have your gonna be wishin you never even took a drink. you wont be able to breathe very well youll be so far out of shape you cant walk straight and your going to be having to carry a bag around with you because your liver and some of your other organs have quit working, and your going to come home every day and your husband or wife is going to scream and yell at you for bringing home another keg and or stopping off at the bar and the only way your going to make it all go away is by going to the fridge or takin off the bar and getting so drunk that when you wake up the next morning your still drunk. then finally your spouse is going to get tired of it and there going to leave you or divorce you because you spend all of your pay check on boos cigarettes. then what? you gonna go get drunk agian? most likely. if you have never been to faith mission then GO. go and talk to some of the people there. listen to there story. alot of them will tell you that they got mixed up in drugs and alchohal and there life went down the drain fast. they dont have a job there family left them. there life is misserable. you ask them if they had the chance to go back and do all of that over would they do anything different. there going to tell you yes i would do it all different. i wouldnt have got mixed up with this stuff. i would have tried harder and got on my knees more often and prayed. you guys think im crazy and that i need to shut up and stop talking about all this. you only think that because you know that your doin wrong. God is going to get you. and if you think for one second that im afraid of your empty threats and your hate mail. then your dead wrong. and if you think that getting some big guy to come and beet me up for saying this then I DARE YOU TO DO IT. BRING IT ON. YOU DONT SCARE ME!!!!! im just tryin to help you guys and keep you out of trouble. but if you dont listen to me then what ever. when ever your getting yelled at by your parents or your getting griped at for doing this junk youll be wishing you would of listen to your friend andrew hallford a little bit better. even if you dont say it youll be thinking it. good night and see ya later.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ladies and gentle men i would like to introduce to you. the lady of the night, the star of our show and the most beautiful flower in the garden. queen elizabeth. thats right. one day in the not to distant future she will be in my hands. a different color of course and a few of my adjustments. the 1968 dodge challenger rt and her cousin the 1970 dodge challenger rt will be sitting in my garage catching up on everything that happened from 1969 and 1970. not to mention the other various muscle cars in my building. hahaha. you think im crazy because i all ready know what i want to name the charger rt. well when your sitting at home for as long as i have then you start thinking about EVERYTHING!!! but my brain is wired a little different then most people. you see i can be sitting down and have a blank look on my face but in truth im thinking of every single detail that comes with a car. i can get a picture of a car stuck in my head and i will take that car apart change everything and put it back together and completely redo it to my likings. when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING!! i do it everyday. i used to do it when i was in school and my teachers would get mad at me. i was thinking, i just wasnt thinking about the stuff they wanted me to think about. and about the military i have been doing alot of thinking. why in the world do i need to do something that is going to get me killed quicker then i care to go. and besides im looking a school. its a mechanic school. but its what i enjoy doing. but there is more then just being a mechanic in my future. while i am working at HOT ROD HEAVEN, i plan on creating a driving school. yes thats right i said driving school. mainly for young teens that are just getting there lisence and learing to drive. but this is not going to be a drivers ed class. this class will be teaching young kids how to handle a vehichle that had enough power to turn them into mush. what kind of cars will they be driving you may ask. well im going to have a 67-69 camaro. 67-69 mustang. 67-69 firebird. 67-69 gto. 67-69 dodge charger and probably one more but i cant remember what that is right now. but before you start saying that is crazy, you have to understand. the cars will have a 300 engine. for those of you dont know what that is. its a small block v8. 100mph will be the limit for these cars. they will be set up for performance and they will have a roll cage in them. these are not going to special edition cars. they will be the most basic of cars. no super sports or RTs. just basic car. i will have a track probably a dirt track and a big pavement ovel track. i plan on teaching them that you can have fun in a car but it has to stay on the track. drifting and handling the car a high speeds will tought. well i could go into a big huge thing about telling you my plans. but im not. as for now im done. so tell me what you think. later

Friday, May 23, 2008

its finally here. my senior year. i have waited for this day my entire life and its finally here. GOOD BYE!!!!!!! now the thing is. people are asking me if i have plans for my life and if i intend on going to college. well YES and NO!!!!!!! i do have plans for my life but college is not in those plans. and if i do ever go to college then im going to a mechanic school. and i dont care wat any body thinks or says. but as far as plans for life goes. the plan is to join the army and go amry rangers. i thought about the airforce and doging para rescue but i turned it down. i thought about the marines to. and honestly im still thinking about the marines. but im leaning more towards the army. they army rangers and green berets.

why the army you may ask. well let me put it this way. my great uncle was army and he did special forces and intellagence. my grandpa was national guard. a couple of his brothers were army. this all on my mothers side of the family. my dads dad was an airforce mechanic. sounds like an interesting job. but not really for me. not enough action in the maintanence field. well not enough for me anyways. thats why im looking towards the army rangers or green berets. NON STOP action. oh yeah baby. thats what im talking about. and it gets better. if you make past green beret training theres an even better force called delta force. yeah its real. those guys are so hard core its unthinkable. you could be standing right next to one of those guys and not even know it. they could have a beard and long hair and all kinds of stuff. but i just gonna do rangers or green berets. probably just rangers. i know the airforce pays more but i dont care. i dont have a girlfriend or a wife or any kids to take care of. so wat does it matter? now if your thinking im gonna do this for a carreer then. ill probably just do it for a few yeas and then come on home and get back to civilian life. thats probably when ill go to the mechanic school. let the army pay for that and not have to worry about any loans or any thing like that. well those are my plans. i guess that after i get out of the army and come home i guess i could get my self a girl and get married. maybe. unless i decide that i like being single and just not ever get married. who knows. well those are my infamous plans for my life. army first and then what ever else im gonna do with my life. good night yall.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 18, 2007. The day of DEATH!!!!! On this day something very horrible happened. Some body died. Thats right. I said somebody died. It started out as a harmless game of ball and just having fun. Outside enjoying the nice day. The kids line up and get ready to go out for a pass. HIKE!!! They take off in a full out run. One guy goes short and cuts. great catch. He turns and tries to juke his opponent when it happens. The collision that will change his life. He stands to his feet and looks down at the guy he hit, who happens to be on the ground. The young man gets back on the line and gets ready to go agian. What he doesn't know is that hes already bleeding. Inside his head. Nobody knows this. His mother tells him its time to go get his dad. He says ok and he goes to the car. When he gets in the car he realizes he has a very bad head ache and takes some medicine. What he doesn't know is that a few minutes after he takes the meds his blood is thinned. he starts bleeding intensely. Still not aware. By the time they get to Midwestern state he can no longer stay awake. Hes all ready fighting for his life. His family rushes him to the ER and by the time he gets there hes almost gone. they take him back asap. The head nurse told an RN to get the papers ready. By then he is starting to lose this battle. The RN comes back into the room and whispers to the head nurse that the chopper is warming up. after hearing those words he knows that something is not right. In a matter of seconds everything stops. He lost consciousness. He lost his life that day. Laying on the ER bed he felt his heart stop. His breathing stopped. There was to much bleeding that they could not find. The CAT scan showed negative. Everything goes black, and everything goes quiet. silent as a grave yard. He knows that he is no longer part of the living. This young man has died. Laying there on that bed in the blackness something starts to happen. A light at the end of his bed. A stair case emerges. Behind the stair case. A beautiful choir of angles. Then a man walks down the stair case. But hes not a normal man. Much bigger. An angle. One of Gods personal angles. This angle reaches out his hand. This is the end!!!!! Hes going home to be with his God. He doesn't have worry about anything any more. The young man reaches his hand out to take the hand of the angle that is going to take him home. Just as the young mans hand is right above the angles hand, the angle pulls his hand back. The young man is startled. Then out of the mouth of an angle he hears, YOUR TIME IS NOT DONE HEAR YET. I WILL RETURN FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE DONE. the angle turns and walks back up the stair case, and just as fast as they had appeared they were gone. Laying there in blackness once agian, the boy hears a faint sound. He hears the sound prayer. He can hear his pastors voice. Then what happened next brought silence to the room. As the doctor and the nurses were standing over him the young man opened his eyes. Silence came over the room. The boy set up and asked what had happened. he looked at his parents and said I'm hungry. God stepped into that room. I don't know why he did it but he did. God brought this young man back from the dead. The next day it happened agian. The boy lay on the floor limp and lifeless. While at church some of the men were praying and the boy saw the same thing agian. The angle said the same thing. the boy came back. Twice God raised him from the dead. So you see May 18 will all ways be a special day. Why you may ask. I'll tell you why. May 18, 2007 is the day that I died.thats right I'm not making this up. since that day my life has drastically changed. Sometimes i wonder why God brought me back and what he has planned for me. i don't know the answers to these questions. The one thing I do know is that i know where I'm going when I die. you can laugh at me if you want i don't care. God still works miracles. I know!! Your looking at one. If it wasn't for God then my body would sic feet under and my soul would rejoicing and praising the Lord. I would have beaten all of you there. But God knows what is best for me and he knows that if I would have died that day then theres no telling what would have happened. And on top of that. The girl that God has picked out for me might have never married. I would not want that to happen. well I hope you got something out of this. good night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

hey kev and every body els check these out. kinda trippy huh? i thought so.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

all right these are some pictures of me in full gear and me strapping up to repel down the side of a four story building. i tried to load a video of me actually getting out of the window but it wouldnt load. so i had to do pictures. i will try and get the video on here though. the one where im in full gear is when we were cutting cars and using the jaws of life. the one were im wearing a harness and ropes is tonight. well thursday night since this is now friday. but yeah the first time i pretty much walked down the wall while they did all the work up top and the second time i did all the work and i actually repelled down the side of a four story building. then after we got the hang of things me and this other guy had to simulate a situation were he was stuck unconcious on the side of a building and i had to go down and rescue him. i wont go into detail but it was pretty fun. i would do it agian in a heart beat. i could be suited up and ready to go just as quick as you can blink. well hope yall enjoy. good night.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ok i have narrowed it down to on of these. a yellow and black GSX-R 600!!!!!! or a ellow and black yamaha R6.. one of these will be the bike i buy. the picture of the bike in the run is an R6. and when i learn how to ride im going to be taking it lower then that. YES I WILL HAVE THE FULL RACING GEAR FOR EVERYTIME I RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent decided wich one i want but it will be one of these. oh yeah I CANT WAIT.!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

allright you guys wanna see me in class. ok well heres what you do. go to the wichita falls website and when you get there click departments. then click on fire. there will be a thing pop out on the side that has everything to do with the fire dep. theres one that says CITIZEN FIRE ACADEMY! click on that and you can see pictures of me and my class mates. there a bunch of fun. ive never had so much fun going to school EVER! i did sign up for the real fire academy wich should be starting around june, wich is when were graduating. oh yeah i cant wait!!!!!! after i get out of this one im going to take the citizen police academy. im excited. but yall im telling you everytime i put on the gear and the scott pack and that mask, i love it that much more. i dont know maybey this is why i got that concussion last summer. i dont know. but last summer when i got hurt it was crazy. i got injured ONE WEEK before i was suppossed to go and take the physical test. june 16th i was suppossed to be testing. i got hurt one week before that. but since i got in to this class ive had so much fun. im really glad i got in to it because the captian said there was about 1000 people at the least that were callin and tryin to get in. theres only 12 in the class. i know that i talked about fire fighting a while back but im telling you. i absolutely LOVE this stuff. i honestly think that this is what i want to do. im going on another ride out on may 10 and im ready!!!! i hope somethin amazing happens. kevin I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD TRY THIS NEXT YEAR. ILL DO IT WITH YOU MAN. IT MAY NOT BE SOMETHING YOU WANNA DO BUT YOU WILL LOVE IT. JUST BEING IN THIS CLASS IS FUN. YOU MAKE MORE FRIENDS AND YOU HAVE A BLAST. YOU WOULD LOVE THE OFFICERS HEAR DUDE. ILL TAKE THE CLASS WITH YOU IF YOU WANT ME TO. im gonna keep talking about this to every body i know and try and get them to take it. believe me you wont regret it. even if you dont plan on being a fire fighter you wont regret taking the class. you get certified in cpr and you get do things that other people dont. well im gonna shut up now. BUT YALL GO ONTO THE CITY WEBSITE AND CHECK OUT THE PICTURES. THERE ARE SOME OF ME ON THERE.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

i am a GENIEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have my whole life planned out. its amazing. kevin you can thank me later. i am going to buy the MOUNTAIN DEW COMPANY. see i told you it was amazing. im the man. ill be owning the drink that i love. ill do all the commercials my self. me and kevin. its gonna rock. well thats all i got for now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ok i know this is not a super sport bike but i still think it would be cool to have one. this is the victory vegas 8-ball. there is a few different ones but i like this one the most. supposedly there made better then harley davidson. and personally i think they look better to. yes they are an American brand and i figured that if im gonna own an American bike then i want to last a long time. something that wont keep breaking down. the starting price for this bike is $13,599. thats ten times cheaper then a harley. thats like the price of Ians bike. and it makes a better sound to. it may not be the fastest thing in the world but thats ok. because you have those days where you wanna go out and race and do something stupid and then you have those days where you just wanna go real slow and enjoy the weather and the view. besides it would be a good bike to start with. and on top of that by the time i get used to riding ill have the money to go buy a Duccatti and slaughter Ian and all of his buddies. haha. in the turns and the straights. and honestly if you wanna laugh at me for getting a crusier then i'd sy your pretty stupid because if your laughing at me then you must lead a really boring life.

Friday, April 18, 2008

well tomorrow is the big day for me. i finally get to to the fire department and do a ride out. wich means im gona hang out at the fire station from 12:00 to 4:00 and if they get called for a fire then were gonna go and i get to go with them. oh yeah. i cant wait. but the thing i dont get is this. i know that the military tries to recruit people when they turn 18 but i havent talked to recruiter in like 6 months. i havent even tried for the army or the air force.the only thing i ever tried for was the marines. why in the world is there numbers like fort bragg and pope air force base on my phone. i havent done anything illeagal. im not hiding any aliens from outer space or any other place. im just your normal every day crazy white boy. all i can say is that if the military wants then bring it on because im ready to go. oh hang on just a second. i just had a thought, umm. i might have gotten myself into this. a while back i met an army ranger in lawton a few months ago and i told him my name. he told me that he used to be a ranger and now he is an officer in the air force. i dont remeber his name. well if they want me. then they can have me because i think it would be a blast being an army ranger or green beret. but this aint the first time something weird has happened to me when i was like 13 we were some where and i went to the bath room and some guy knocked on the door and asked for andrew hallford. the only way i know that is when i got out of the bath room some kid was like hey dude are you andrew hallford. i told him i was and asked how he new my name. he said some guy wearing a black coat with a black suit white shirt black shoes black pants and a pair of shades was looking for me. you know the typical FBI agent you see in pictures. yeah thats what he looked like. thats what the kid said anyways. since that day its boggled my mind and ive wondered what in the world they want with me. im not gonna fight them though. if the military wants me then BRING ON THE PAIN!!!!!!!! LETS ROCK THIS JOINT.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

well it looks like the gsxr 1000 has found its match. i bet this bike would eat a bussa for breakfast. yes this is photo shop. i found on google i was looking at some choppers and i found this. but it looks cool. but i do know one thing if you could do that with motorcycle then its gonna hurt when you hit the brick wall or semi in front of you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

well went to the doctor today because i was running a really high fever they think i have strep throte. i had to miss a class tonight because of it.this is so not cool. why does it allways have to be some kind of sickness going around? why cant there be like some dude going around giving every body he touches a good dose of $1000? i could use a thousand dollars. i could use in my bank account. oh well im going to bed yall my head is starting to hurt agian. and it feels like somebody took a knife and just carved into my throate. not cool and i cant go through up wich makes it bad.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ladies and gentle men. its my pleasure to introduce to you. my grandpa. he is one the closest friends i have. he knows things about that not even kevin, my parents or any body els knows. this is the person i telling everything to. what ever i decide to this is the man that knows first. if decide to go and join the military he will know before any body els. why because he is my hero. my grandpa. and he is my closest friend. i love him with everything in me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ok imagine if you can, being out in left field and feeling the wind pick up all of a sudden and then stopping. then picking up agian, and then looking up in the sky and seeing a funel coming down over your head. instead of screaming at the top of your lungs in fear you yell at the center fielder and tell him to look up. he does and you both just stand there say thats so cool. yeah i know. then just going back to you game. i did that. i was at a baseball game in perkins. the sky was all nice and green and there was rain and all that good stuff. me and my friend didnt even tell the coaches. we touhgt it was cool. it is cool. then it stated lighting and the told every one to go down into the basement at the highschool. this repeated about times. we would come out of the school and it would be ok to play we get in the middle of the game and it would happen agian.finally they reschedualed the game. but it was really cool. some people say dude thats a twister you should be scared and go hide. there probably right i should be scared. yeah i should. but after living in tornadoe alley all my life i dont really see a point in being scared. seriously. when we lived in kansas they had horrible twisters. i think its fun to just sit and watch as they tear up things. im one of those crazy people who would instead of going down in the cellar i would grab my camera and make sure i had plenty of battery. i would go outside and watch the thing go by.when that big twister hit okc a few years ago i heard on the news, thats there was an old lady in her house. seh stepped outside on her back porch and she could clearly se it. she said she could feel the wind pulling. she wasnt close enough to get sucked in but she set out there and watch as that thing tore up okc. i thought that was pretty cool. i just thought i would tell yall that. no reason i just felt like it. later

Monday, February 18, 2008

hey yall get a load of this. this picture is kinda trippy. click on the picture to make it bigger. me personally i cant tell if the dude is sitting on the hill or if he is sitting on the flat ground with the hill behind him. tell me what you think. i just thought it looked cool. i was looking at fear of heights on google and i saw this one. there were some other crazy ones to but this one caught my eye.

Friday, February 15, 2008

well another one has come and gone. one more year that i didnt have any body to call my own. but do you see me worrying about that. naaaaaa. actually i had my dog. but thats totally different. i guess we had each other. he doesnt have a girl and neither do i. so if your wondering why i dont have any body then heres the answer. i didnt try to get any one. i probably could have gotten some one if i had tried but i really didnt feel like it. but i had my dog. and he had me.were just a couple of guys that are just living life one day at a time. and if theres any body out there that worried about me then you should know that i havent done anything stupid in a while and i really dont feel like it at the moment. now tomorrow is a different story but for now im just all calm and relaxed. i got some free pizza tonight. me an my mom went down to johny's corner the local gas station down the road and i walked in the lady goes ok do you want this piece of pizza? its either you or the trash can. yes your thinking right. i took the pizza. i know that i had just ate a couple of hours ago but i just could not turn a free piece of pizza. and besides i didnt want them to have go through all the effort of making it and then just throwing it away. that would be a sin. and theres not any homeless people out here to eat it so it would have been wasted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

what kind of person are you? there are two kinds of people.the kind of people that can follow orders and the kind that ive never had a problem following orders. im the kind of guy that you could give an order to and i will follow out that order with no questions asked. my buddy is the same way. im proud of you kevin. tonight i saw your hands go up. dude when i saw that it completely broke me. i couldnt do anything but cry man. dude your like younger brother. your not a panzie either. raising your hands and praying does not make you a panzie. it just makes you that much stronger. kevin if you can get a hold of this dont ever let go. you followed one simple order and you now know how i feel. dont ever forget that man. 5 years from now it may sound kinda lame but its not dude. God is gonna do more things in your life. bro i dont why God kept his hand on us but all i know is that we cant just sit around and stare at the floor. we have to give God everything we have. because he deserves it. i dont know the future man. but i know that if i have to do this thing then so do you. God has been good to both of us. this week has been crazy i know. dude when you get week im gonna be there to help you stand. ill carry you when you cant go any more. if i have to literally throw you over my shoulder and run with you. then you better believe that i will do that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wow. isnt that a pretty sight?? yes its a dodge challenger. 1973 to exact. ladies and gentle men let tell you a little bit about the girl of my dreams. she came stock with a 440 sixpack. she had roughly about 500 hp. this can get up and go. litterally get up. every time you stomp on the gas its like the car sets back on its heels and takes off. it came with a four speed standard tranny. three speed auto. this car and its cousin the dodge charger were actually the first cars to go over 200mph. yes chevy was fast in the camaro. and the corvettes were good. the mustangs were fair. but the king of the beasts was this car right here. the dodge challenger r/t. dodge was known for there extremely great shocks and axles. the dukes of hazard car. the 69 charger r/t yeah look at the show. they didnt have all this cool special effects like we do now. they actually jumped that car. over and over and over and over agian. then after about twenty to thirty jumps they would replace the axles. every body else had really bad ones. thats you dont any body driving mustangs and camaros and vettes and trans ams. anyways. like i was saying the dodge not only had amazing axles and stuff they also have the 426 hemi!!!!!! lots of power. they a 392 hemi!!!!!!!!!!! just as much power. they alos have the 440 magnum!!!!!! like i said before. lots of power. and on top of all those things. dodge is the only car that has a six pack. yes thats right. and the first car to go over 200mph was a 1969 dodge charger r/t 500.. yes dodge won the race that year. and the next year with the dodge daytona. but to top everything off there is another girl that i long to have.. yes its a dodge. you all know it. its the dodge viper. now called the srt10. meaning its got alot more power. when the viper first came out it had a v12 engine. BIG!!! now they put a v10 engine. STILL BIG!!!!! and the cool thing is that in the year 2010 i think dodge will start putting an srt8 in the challenger. it will no longer be a challenger r/t. there will be an r/t but they are gonna turn a wild animal into monster. my dad thinks im crazy because i like dodge. i dissagree. im not crazy. i just know that dodge makes faster cars and i know good stuff when i see it. im going to start with a challenger r/t. by the time im 25 im gonna have a 69 charger r/t. and i will be working getting an older viper. probably a 92 or a 93. haha. ian thinks hes gonna out run me. hahaha. hes got something coming. when hes doing about 185 on his gixxer thousand im gonna be in about fourth or fifth gear in my dodge challenger r/t going right beside him. if im in fourth ill still have five and six to go. wich means ill be rooling right beisde him in fourth gear. yes you guest it im gonn have a 7 second car. more horse power then is legal. when i say 7 second car i dont mean 0 to 60.. no no. i mewan im gonna do a half a mile in 7 seconds. and the cool thing is when im parked at the church or at a stop light my car will sit there and shake. people are gonna walk out of the church and hear this heavenly sound. they will feel the ground shaking and there gonna think that fort sill is firing into the mountains. the windows in the doors of the church and there cars will be rattling. then there gonna look over and see my monster sitting there shaking. and instantly there gonna know THATS ANDY!!!! yep your gonna hear me coming about a mile away. my car is gonna be loud. its gonna be fast. its going to turn heads and demand your undevided attention. and every time i take off your gonna hear a high pitch whistling sound. you may the world is ending or a rock gonna fall down out of the sky. or maybe a plane is going to crash some where. but you are wrong. there will be no rock or plane falling out of the sky. the world is not gonna end. no thats just gonna be my super charger kicking in the moment i push on the gas. it WILL be loud. when people hear me coming they quickly move over to the side of the road to let the king of the beast go buy. and when i pass them up, there cars are going spring a leak. thats the girl of my dreams right there. some dude in a little tricked out nissan or toyota supra is gonna stop at a light and then there gonna feel the ground shake. there gonna look over and see a monster. and when they rev there little japanese engine im gonna sit there and laugh. ill through my car in nuetral and stomp on the gas. and im gonna be laughing the entire time while there little fiberglass car is shattering into little tiny pieces. then when the light turns green im going to put my car back into first and leave them a littlee present. well now you know what i want and what i think i will go to bed. but if your like me and you hear the sound every night and you dream about it as much as i do. dont just toss it over your shoulder. do your self a favor. go forth and buy your self an american muscle car. it doesnt have to be a challenger or charger. if your not a dodge person then i feel sorry for you but go get your self the car you want. i would be glad to help you fix it up. if you want it loud i know how to do that. im good with engines. dont just sit around and dream. go and get it. well im done. sleep well. and may the sound of american v8 engines roar in your dream. and may it encourage you to go and buy one for your self.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

intellagence at its best!!!! ladies and gentle men this is the famous BANDIT REAGON DIABLO... a thief and the king of all devils. i took this picture of my dog when were coming home or going to arizona. i dont remember wich but my dad was driving and the person in fron of us out of no where slowed down to a crawl and my dad was forced to push on the brakes kinda hard. but my dog being as smart as he is didnt want to go flying forward so he stuck his paw on the back of my seat and literally braced himself. as if he actually new what he was doing. i wouldnt put it past him. he probably did because my dog is a master mind. its funny because ive herd people say that dogs can learn up to like 500 words and sometimes more. i think my dog has gone past the point of 500. get this my dogis so smart that he has his own internal clock. my dad gets up at 4:00am everyday to go pray and when my dad gets up my dog will get up and go outside on his chain. and if my dad misses a day if he sleeps in or cant get up my dog will push my parents door open and go in to there room and wake them up. he knows when its time to go to bed and he knows when its time to play, and eat. he even knows that when we get up early on sunday that we are going to church. even wensday nights he knows when its time for us to be leaving for church. like now he is sitting beside me trying to get to go tobed. if dont go to bed in the next fewfew minutes hes gonna start getting really cranky and loud. he thinks that every time he eats something he has to go outside for a while. its more of a habbit then anything else. if we dont take him out. he stand at the door and literally talk to us and dance around like has to go to the bathroom. when you take him out he just lays down on the porch. hes a con artist. when he was a puppy a broom stick fell on his leg and he started limping around like it hurt. then he got wrestling with me and he forgot about and my grandpa said something aobut him being hurt and so he started limping agian. BUT it was the wrong leg. it was really funny. i love my dog. he does some of the wierdest things. if he catches something and kills it he will bring to me and look up like see what ive got. and then when i try to take it from him he gets all protective. and ive never had a more faithfull dog. since the day we brought him home he has never left my side. i love that. because when i get my car what ever car i get hes gonna be riding shotgun. and if i go pick up kevin or somebody he will jump in the back. dont you just love that. i love my dog sooooooo much.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

WOW!!!tonight i went to the faith mission thing and it was amazing. most of those people ive seen before. tonight completely blew my mind. after the service all those people looked a little bit happier. i saw them and they had a smile on there face and they were so happy to get the food. wich was amazing. YES i brought some home. yall i dont the words to describe what happened to me. i was literally broken. i look at them and then i look at every thing i have. we hear it all the time. but yall we are so blessed. i cant describe it. standing in the back of the room during the service, i couldnt help but think. what are the chances that some one like me was born into a family like the one i have? if would not have been for God i would either be dead or worse. what ever that may be. i dont know were i would be. when the singers started singing, i was doing everything i could to keep from crying. and then when ever Karen started singing HOLY HOLY HOLY.. i just about lost it. i love to hear Karen sing. her voice is so soothing. when she started singing, i felt the muscles in my neck start to loosin up. every body did an amazing job. i think im gonna start going to this every time. it makes me feel good to know that im doing something good for people instead of not doing anything at all. Travon probably wont read this but i want to thank him for trying to get us to go. im so glad i went. the next time the church does this you can sign me up. im gonna try my best to be there. well i gotta go to bed. my moms telling to hurry up and its not even tonight any more its tomorrow. or today. how ever you say that. well good night to every one who reads this post. let me know what you think

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KUNG FU MASTER!!!!! i was on google and saw this random picture. so i just thought i would try it. its like a slow motion fight scene from some really bad movie. but in the movies they would NOT have those suits on. and they WOULD have some hidden parrachute stuffed inside their back. some body actually took this picture in mid air.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

dont you just love walmart around valintines day?? no i did not put the bears in the floor they all ready there. i just layed down on them. big difference. hey look. kevin got in trouble. haha.

Friday, January 18, 2008

ok this is it. one of these helmets. the boots and the bike. so far. im leaning more towards the devil dog helmet. it kinda justfies the crazyness in me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

ok. imagine this. but BIGGER!!!! when i get my bike the first im going to buy is one of these things and im going to put it on my helmet. yes down the center. except im gonna have a full face helmet. one that covers your head and face.not just the top of my head. but yeah im getting one of these and its gonna be a littla bit bigger. that way when i ride people will think oh wow. that has spikes on his head. he must have had to special order that helmet. oh yes. this is just one of the many things i will be wearing.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

ok first off. jackalopes are not real. it would be cool if they were. but unfortunetly its just an old indian fairy tale. secondly the answer to the first question is BASEBALL!!!! the answer to the other question is it takes longer to get from second to third because theres a short stop between them. some guy told me and my dad those when we were in sadona. i thought i would try them out on yall.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

well its another day in paradise. any body ever seen one of these? haha. i went to arizona and i actually asked a lady there if they were real. im not lying. she said that they are. she said she had seen one herself. she said there a bit larger then a normal jack rabbit. the question im going to ask you. is are they real or not.

and check this out. if a man leaves home and turns left. then takes another left. and then takes another left and comes back home. what does he do for a living? answer that. heres another one. why does it longer to get from second base to third then it does to get from first to second?

try to figure that yall. mom and dad you cant say anything!!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

WOW!!!!!!! im back from arizona. crazy. everything is totally different out there. the people there are not like the people here in Texas. thats not a bad thing. its just different. from my point of view they all seemed so nice. i guess you could say. but the way people drive out there is totally different then it is here. they cruise at about 75-80. its cool cause i dont have a problem going that fast. was amazing out there. its like God just got some TNT lit it and the through a bunch of different paint on top of it. its awsome. and another cool thing is, some of the indian people are navajos. they still speek there own language. i have never herd it before but i herd it the other day. it was amazing. i would love to learn that language. the first time i herd we were at a gas station slash gift shop thingy. and there were two ladies working in there and there was a guy that actually pumped gas for people so they didnt have to get out of there car it was cool. but one of the ladies inside was speeking in navajo. it was so cool. then i herd another lady speek it just yesterday. it was so cool. you wouldnt think they actually still do that but they do. navajo is the same language that the Marines used in the battle of iwojima. it was the only one they could use because the japanese new all there codes. thats pretty much how we won the battle iwojima. so yeah thats how it went. see ya.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

all right heres whats gonna happen. im gonna go apply at a steak house or somethin as a cook or waitor. so yall pray that i can find one that will work with my schedual and not interfere with me and church. i need a car and i found the one i want. its $25,000 and im gonna go pay cash for it. its a 2008 dodge challenger r/t. yes its a muscle car thats why i want it.but till then im gonna get a piece of junk car that will drive and get me around till i can get the r/t. thats how its gonna be. i dont care if its a three door honda civic hatch back. i will drive it untill i can buy the challenger. yes wat ever i buy has to be a standard. thats all i want to drive. i dont care if it doesnt have a radio or airconditioning. as long as it has a heater im ok. seriously. i dont even care if it looks like junk. im not gonna be pickin any girls up so it doesnt matter. thats how its gonna happen. yall pray with me. thanks.