Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ok now tell me what does is it look like this guy is doing? hes riding the curve. your probably wondering why in the world am i talkin about some guy on a bike going into a turn. well its simple.everybody freaks out when ever there life is going great and then all of a sudden something goes wrong and then another and then another, and so on. there going crazy wondering what there going to do about this and they dont ever stop to think that maybe this happened for a reason. maybe God is tryin to get there attention. i know. hes done it to me. and i heard a very good quote from a friend that simply says. IF LIFE THROWS YOU A CURVE. RIDE IT. simple as that. thats all i gotta say and im done. later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ok this is the new camaro SS. it looks amazing. and after seeing it and looking at the specs and wat people are saying bout it and i like it. its gonna be a hard decision between this and the challenger srt8. the camaro SS has a super charged v8 engine from the corvette zo6. and its got a 6 speed manual tranny. this is gonna be really hard for me to decide. and on top of that there saying that camaro will not get over 35,000 dollars. thats pretty cheap. the v6 version is like 20,000 bucks. yeah i know that crazy. but if i get one its going to a camaro SS with the big super charged v8. and it has to be a stick. and its gonna be flat black. with chrome rims. yall are gonna have to help me out. let me know what you think

Saturday, September 13, 2008

brand new exit sign: $75.

mounts and screws to put exit sign up: $35.

realizing that you just put a $4,000 dollar security system right behind the exit sign: priceless. do i need to say anything els?