Thursday, December 25, 2008

well here it is folks. the knife i have been wanting for a long time. its a winchester bowie knife, yes it is mine and its very sharp. sharp enough to shave your hair with it. haha i got other stuff for christmas to, but i absolutely love this knife. its amazing. well i think im done for now. so haha i love it. well gottta go yall. later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

hey its been a long time since ive been on here. figured i would right somethin. but unfortunately for us. i cant think of anything to right. so ill do this.

im 19 im looking for a good part time job i enjoy working on cars, im not a certified mechanic and i dont know everything there is to know about cars but i am more then willing to learn. i can push a broom very good. i used to work in a machine shop shoveling metal and busting rocks, im strong enough to do just about anything you can throw at me. i may not look like much but i promise there is alot there. i give it everything in me. everything i do i do with all my heart. this sounds strange. i know, but desprate times call for desprate mesures. i know i dont spell so good but if you have grunt work i can do it. im good with my hands, it may take me a a little bit longer to learn how to do something but if you can afford to take the time to show me i can learn it. my name is andrew hallford and you can get a hold of me by either coming to my church and telling me. thats pretty much the only way to get in touch with me. i love doing outside work, and yes if i have to work in the cold. i will. again i say i am more then willing to learn. it may take me longer but i can do it. so if any body knows of anything that you might think i would be good at then please let me know. thank you. have a nice day