Monday, February 18, 2008

hey yall get a load of this. this picture is kinda trippy. click on the picture to make it bigger. me personally i cant tell if the dude is sitting on the hill or if he is sitting on the flat ground with the hill behind him. tell me what you think. i just thought it looked cool. i was looking at fear of heights on google and i saw this one. there were some other crazy ones to but this one caught my eye.

Friday, February 15, 2008

well another one has come and gone. one more year that i didnt have any body to call my own. but do you see me worrying about that. naaaaaa. actually i had my dog. but thats totally different. i guess we had each other. he doesnt have a girl and neither do i. so if your wondering why i dont have any body then heres the answer. i didnt try to get any one. i probably could have gotten some one if i had tried but i really didnt feel like it. but i had my dog. and he had me.were just a couple of guys that are just living life one day at a time. and if theres any body out there that worried about me then you should know that i havent done anything stupid in a while and i really dont feel like it at the moment. now tomorrow is a different story but for now im just all calm and relaxed. i got some free pizza tonight. me an my mom went down to johny's corner the local gas station down the road and i walked in the lady goes ok do you want this piece of pizza? its either you or the trash can. yes your thinking right. i took the pizza. i know that i had just ate a couple of hours ago but i just could not turn a free piece of pizza. and besides i didnt want them to have go through all the effort of making it and then just throwing it away. that would be a sin. and theres not any homeless people out here to eat it so it would have been wasted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

what kind of person are you? there are two kinds of people.the kind of people that can follow orders and the kind that ive never had a problem following orders. im the kind of guy that you could give an order to and i will follow out that order with no questions asked. my buddy is the same way. im proud of you kevin. tonight i saw your hands go up. dude when i saw that it completely broke me. i couldnt do anything but cry man. dude your like younger brother. your not a panzie either. raising your hands and praying does not make you a panzie. it just makes you that much stronger. kevin if you can get a hold of this dont ever let go. you followed one simple order and you now know how i feel. dont ever forget that man. 5 years from now it may sound kinda lame but its not dude. God is gonna do more things in your life. bro i dont why God kept his hand on us but all i know is that we cant just sit around and stare at the floor. we have to give God everything we have. because he deserves it. i dont know the future man. but i know that if i have to do this thing then so do you. God has been good to both of us. this week has been crazy i know. dude when you get week im gonna be there to help you stand. ill carry you when you cant go any more. if i have to literally throw you over my shoulder and run with you. then you better believe that i will do that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wow. isnt that a pretty sight?? yes its a dodge challenger. 1973 to exact. ladies and gentle men let tell you a little bit about the girl of my dreams. she came stock with a 440 sixpack. she had roughly about 500 hp. this can get up and go. litterally get up. every time you stomp on the gas its like the car sets back on its heels and takes off. it came with a four speed standard tranny. three speed auto. this car and its cousin the dodge charger were actually the first cars to go over 200mph. yes chevy was fast in the camaro. and the corvettes were good. the mustangs were fair. but the king of the beasts was this car right here. the dodge challenger r/t. dodge was known for there extremely great shocks and axles. the dukes of hazard car. the 69 charger r/t yeah look at the show. they didnt have all this cool special effects like we do now. they actually jumped that car. over and over and over and over agian. then after about twenty to thirty jumps they would replace the axles. every body else had really bad ones. thats you dont any body driving mustangs and camaros and vettes and trans ams. anyways. like i was saying the dodge not only had amazing axles and stuff they also have the 426 hemi!!!!!! lots of power. they a 392 hemi!!!!!!!!!!! just as much power. they alos have the 440 magnum!!!!!! like i said before. lots of power. and on top of all those things. dodge is the only car that has a six pack. yes thats right. and the first car to go over 200mph was a 1969 dodge charger r/t 500.. yes dodge won the race that year. and the next year with the dodge daytona. but to top everything off there is another girl that i long to have.. yes its a dodge. you all know it. its the dodge viper. now called the srt10. meaning its got alot more power. when the viper first came out it had a v12 engine. BIG!!! now they put a v10 engine. STILL BIG!!!!! and the cool thing is that in the year 2010 i think dodge will start putting an srt8 in the challenger. it will no longer be a challenger r/t. there will be an r/t but they are gonna turn a wild animal into monster. my dad thinks im crazy because i like dodge. i dissagree. im not crazy. i just know that dodge makes faster cars and i know good stuff when i see it. im going to start with a challenger r/t. by the time im 25 im gonna have a 69 charger r/t. and i will be working getting an older viper. probably a 92 or a 93. haha. ian thinks hes gonna out run me. hahaha. hes got something coming. when hes doing about 185 on his gixxer thousand im gonna be in about fourth or fifth gear in my dodge challenger r/t going right beside him. if im in fourth ill still have five and six to go. wich means ill be rooling right beisde him in fourth gear. yes you guest it im gonn have a 7 second car. more horse power then is legal. when i say 7 second car i dont mean 0 to 60.. no no. i mewan im gonna do a half a mile in 7 seconds. and the cool thing is when im parked at the church or at a stop light my car will sit there and shake. people are gonna walk out of the church and hear this heavenly sound. they will feel the ground shaking and there gonna think that fort sill is firing into the mountains. the windows in the doors of the church and there cars will be rattling. then there gonna look over and see my monster sitting there shaking. and instantly there gonna know THATS ANDY!!!! yep your gonna hear me coming about a mile away. my car is gonna be loud. its gonna be fast. its going to turn heads and demand your undevided attention. and every time i take off your gonna hear a high pitch whistling sound. you may the world is ending or a rock gonna fall down out of the sky. or maybe a plane is going to crash some where. but you are wrong. there will be no rock or plane falling out of the sky. the world is not gonna end. no thats just gonna be my super charger kicking in the moment i push on the gas. it WILL be loud. when people hear me coming they quickly move over to the side of the road to let the king of the beast go buy. and when i pass them up, there cars are going spring a leak. thats the girl of my dreams right there. some dude in a little tricked out nissan or toyota supra is gonna stop at a light and then there gonna feel the ground shake. there gonna look over and see a monster. and when they rev there little japanese engine im gonna sit there and laugh. ill through my car in nuetral and stomp on the gas. and im gonna be laughing the entire time while there little fiberglass car is shattering into little tiny pieces. then when the light turns green im going to put my car back into first and leave them a littlee present. well now you know what i want and what i think i will go to bed. but if your like me and you hear the sound every night and you dream about it as much as i do. dont just toss it over your shoulder. do your self a favor. go forth and buy your self an american muscle car. it doesnt have to be a challenger or charger. if your not a dodge person then i feel sorry for you but go get your self the car you want. i would be glad to help you fix it up. if you want it loud i know how to do that. im good with engines. dont just sit around and dream. go and get it. well im done. sleep well. and may the sound of american v8 engines roar in your dream. and may it encourage you to go and buy one for your self.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

intellagence at its best!!!! ladies and gentle men this is the famous BANDIT REAGON DIABLO... a thief and the king of all devils. i took this picture of my dog when were coming home or going to arizona. i dont remember wich but my dad was driving and the person in fron of us out of no where slowed down to a crawl and my dad was forced to push on the brakes kinda hard. but my dog being as smart as he is didnt want to go flying forward so he stuck his paw on the back of my seat and literally braced himself. as if he actually new what he was doing. i wouldnt put it past him. he probably did because my dog is a master mind. its funny because ive herd people say that dogs can learn up to like 500 words and sometimes more. i think my dog has gone past the point of 500. get this my dogis so smart that he has his own internal clock. my dad gets up at 4:00am everyday to go pray and when my dad gets up my dog will get up and go outside on his chain. and if my dad misses a day if he sleeps in or cant get up my dog will push my parents door open and go in to there room and wake them up. he knows when its time to go to bed and he knows when its time to play, and eat. he even knows that when we get up early on sunday that we are going to church. even wensday nights he knows when its time for us to be leaving for church. like now he is sitting beside me trying to get to go tobed. if dont go to bed in the next fewfew minutes hes gonna start getting really cranky and loud. he thinks that every time he eats something he has to go outside for a while. its more of a habbit then anything else. if we dont take him out. he stand at the door and literally talk to us and dance around like has to go to the bathroom. when you take him out he just lays down on the porch. hes a con artist. when he was a puppy a broom stick fell on his leg and he started limping around like it hurt. then he got wrestling with me and he forgot about and my grandpa said something aobut him being hurt and so he started limping agian. BUT it was the wrong leg. it was really funny. i love my dog. he does some of the wierdest things. if he catches something and kills it he will bring to me and look up like see what ive got. and then when i try to take it from him he gets all protective. and ive never had a more faithfull dog. since the day we brought him home he has never left my side. i love that. because when i get my car what ever car i get hes gonna be riding shotgun. and if i go pick up kevin or somebody he will jump in the back. dont you just love that. i love my dog sooooooo much.