Friday, October 12, 2007

route 66!!!! i think the last time i was on that road is when we were living in iowa park. my mom and dad made this on the spot decision and said were going to new mexico. so we went. we stayed about 30 minutes and then came back. but thats okay. i have been through there once before. my dad had a job interview in navad or cali one. and we packed our bags and took off on the road. i can remeber going through new mexico and arizona. i remember seeing the painted desert and i think we saw that big crater in arizona but we didnt go down in it. staci kept escaping out of her car seat and a cop pulled us over and said i wont give you a ticket because i watched her climb out of her car seat. busted!!! well she got put back in and we went on. i remember going into new mexico i think and we drove through a small indian town and i can remember telling my parents, lets get out of this town the indians are might scalp us. i was like two years old. i didnt want to die. it was fun. but the next time i go im going take my time and see everything. after i hti cali im gonna go up and im gonna into the mountains of oragon and washington, and then im gonna go to sturgis and colorado and north dakota and south dakota and then im gonna just keep driving untill im ready to come home. its gonna be great. so yeah. thats the plan.

Monday, October 8, 2007

ladies and gentle men. this is captian america. in the world of marvel comics he stands for freedom and justice and liberty. he was a soldier that was given a special syrum to turn him into a super soldier. thats what the comics say. let me tell you about the real captain america! HAROLD LOYD MANTOOTH!!! this man is my hero!!! he has fought in war. he fought for freedom. he is the real captain america. they didnt give him any special syrum or make him a super soldier. he was born a super soldier. youngest of nine children. this man has been through more then any of could imagine. the strongest and toughest man i have ever had the honor of meeting. i strive every day to be like this man. in every thing i do. this man stays in my prayers. he stays in my life. i wont let him leave. ladies and gentle men this man is my mothers father. this man is my grandpa. ladies and getnle men marvel comics have nothing on my grandpa. ladies and gentle men this man is the real captain america. i know this may not mean much to you but it means more then you know to me. thank yuo for reading and im sorry if i have affendid you in any way. i just wanted to let you know about one of americas greatest heros and my hero.