Friday, June 27, 2008

well today is june 27th 2008. its my birth day. YEAAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!im 19 today. and i would like to wish jessica a happy birthday because she is 19 to. we were born on the same day and now were one year older. well thats all later yall. happy bday jessi.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

need i say more?

Monday, June 23, 2008

dude last night i was ubducted by aliens and they took me up into there space ship. i was stuck on a bed of some sort. then i heard this noise that sounded like clippers. i tried to fight but i couldnt move then the next thing i know theres a mirror in front of my face and im looking at my head.then i realized how good it looked and i was like wow.then they put me to sleep and i woke up in my bed. crazy stuff happens in this town yall. seriously. hahahaha. naaaaaa. not really i just got up this morning and shaved my head. then my mom shaved the rest of it when they got home. so its all good. ive got white walls. ennjoy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i feel naked with out my wallet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

five guys on sport bikes are driving along and they come to this sign. they just kinda sit there for a minute and one speaks up. DUDE AS IF WASNT CONFUSED ENOUGH WITH THIS HOLE GO LEFT OR GO RIGHT THING. THEN THIS POPS UP. WHATS WITH THAT MAN? they put there helmets back on and drive off. the end.

Monday, June 2, 2008

hello its me. once agian i find myself sitting in front of this computer. oh well.
i wish i could say what i am thinking. but i cant. i can never find the words. im not very good with words yall know that. but im going to try anyways. first off i want to say that im proud of kevin for not doin something stupid the other night while a few other people did. good job man. keep it up. i wish that all the young people in this church would just wake up and get there minds set on living for God because its making me crazy. when i say all i mean all the ones that are doing stupid stuff and just having a sunday morning shout down and doin everything they can possibly think of on the rest of the week. alchohal cigarettes and what ever else there doin. its not worth it. its going to destroy your liver kill your lungs and when your old and over weight because of the beer belly your have your gonna be wishin you never even took a drink. you wont be able to breathe very well youll be so far out of shape you cant walk straight and your going to be having to carry a bag around with you because your liver and some of your other organs have quit working, and your going to come home every day and your husband or wife is going to scream and yell at you for bringing home another keg and or stopping off at the bar and the only way your going to make it all go away is by going to the fridge or takin off the bar and getting so drunk that when you wake up the next morning your still drunk. then finally your spouse is going to get tired of it and there going to leave you or divorce you because you spend all of your pay check on boos cigarettes. then what? you gonna go get drunk agian? most likely. if you have never been to faith mission then GO. go and talk to some of the people there. listen to there story. alot of them will tell you that they got mixed up in drugs and alchohal and there life went down the drain fast. they dont have a job there family left them. there life is misserable. you ask them if they had the chance to go back and do all of that over would they do anything different. there going to tell you yes i would do it all different. i wouldnt have got mixed up with this stuff. i would have tried harder and got on my knees more often and prayed. you guys think im crazy and that i need to shut up and stop talking about all this. you only think that because you know that your doin wrong. God is going to get you. and if you think for one second that im afraid of your empty threats and your hate mail. then your dead wrong. and if you think that getting some big guy to come and beet me up for saying this then I DARE YOU TO DO IT. BRING IT ON. YOU DONT SCARE ME!!!!! im just tryin to help you guys and keep you out of trouble. but if you dont listen to me then what ever. when ever your getting yelled at by your parents or your getting griped at for doing this junk youll be wishing you would of listen to your friend andrew hallford a little bit better. even if you dont say it youll be thinking it. good night and see ya later.