Monday, April 30, 2007

as much as i dont want to i am highly considering getting a honda prelude. i do like the honda prelude. there not that bad i guess. i can make it sound better then japanese cars are supposed to sound. i can make it look kinda cool to. see i dont think this one looks to bad. it could look better, but i just found this pic off the net. but this is a 1999 honda prelude. its gotta vtec engine in it and i think its ok. its a two seater but thats fine by me. its still up for debate but since the gas is so high i will most likely get one of these. and not to menchin that hondas dont ever stop running. well ricebruners dont stop running. and plus there fun to drift. hahaha. yes in case you are wondering i do know how to drift. its easy as eating cherry pie. wich i love by the way. just in case any body wants to know. drifting is like so easy though. i mean you just turn your wheels one way and when your car starts to fish tell then you cut your wheels the other way and your car will start to fish tell that way and it just keep going on and on. its fun. you should try it. but be sure you are in a parkinglot when you do it. an empty parkinglot. but yeah tell me what you think people. and you have nothing to worry about im not gonna start doing all that riceburner motorcycle junk. i know how to any car sound american. so i will do that and i will make it look decant. and if i do put a spoiler on it i can garrenty that the spoiler will not go over three inches high. im not stupid like that. hahaha. let me know what you think people. later.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

hey yall i tried to do one of those celberty look alike things and it didnt work. its probly my computer but it could be operater error to. cause im really bad with computers. so if you have any advice please tell me what i can do.

well i know you guys can stand being in the dark. and i cant either. oh yeah about the my girl song. i was just thinking of thaparticular song when i was writing, and i have a bad habbit of writing what ever i am thinking. you guy will never figure out all the reasons im so happy. there a couple of them. one is i am gonna start taking my training in the summer!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i will tell you the other reason. but your gonna think it is really dumb. the other reason i am really happy is because im gonna be 18.hehehehehehe!!!!!!!! i fooled you!!! hahaha!!!!!!!! im turning 18 in june and i cant wait. because then i can work almost any job and do any kind of labor or i can go to a recruiting office and sign my life away to the government.awwwwwww so many choices.but i have my heart set on something else already. im not going to army or marines. im gonna stay right here in wichita falls and take my training. then i might go off to college. but who knows? you want to know why im so happy. well i cant really tell you why just yet. i just want to make sure everything is right. besides i dont really know whats gonna happen. i just need to focus on geting my training and nothing else. as soon as i get my training done and start working for the fire department maybey then i will start thinking about girls and wich one i like. but right now i dont even have the money coke. much less a girlfriend. there to expensive. besides im single and im lovin it. i can do what ever i want. for example. i can put my life at risk if i want. i can go climb a straight up wall in the desert. i can go jump out of an arplane at 40thousand feet. i can go deep sea diving i can ride some rapids. i can go base jumping off the empire state building i can do anything. if i had a girlfriend i couldnt do all that. she would want to stay around and be with her all the time. and not do anything dangerous. my life would in shades. im not ready for that. im still to much of a dare devil. and i probly will be for the rest of my life. that is one thing about me that will nevebr change. its what i do. so right now im just livin life like im supposed to and walking a fine line of danger and safe. and ya know what? im lovin it!!!!!!!!!little bit of danger here doing all kinds crazy junk. oh yeah i dont think im ready to give that up just yet. later yall

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

dude its real!!!!! supermans weakness is reall. its actually called

jadarite. there gonna start calling it kryptonite. it was found in serbia. its not green im not joking this is the real thing. kryptonite is real. i dont think some alien stuck his own son in a ship and sent him to earth to save the orld but the rock is reall. oh yeah and the president of russia died. who ever that is. but thats beside the point. oh yeah and i am oficially done with geometry class. i got an 89 so im happy with that. oh yeah and um its really late. oh yeah. and the greatest news of all is that i am happyer than a clown in a circus. i cant tell you why im gonna leave yall hanging on that one but i am really happy and i am really glad i am at this church. ive been really happy alot lately. you can guess all you want i wont say a word. so im sorry if it drives you crazy cathy. but thats just how i roll. you will never figure it out so dont try cathy your just gonna give yourself a head ache and you will lose sleep over it. but thats what i live for. hahahahahaha. i know someething you dont know haha. im a lucky feller, yes im a lucky boy, i got me nice umbreller and its me pride and joy!! you can think kory prince for singing that to my sister and she sang it to me and i just wrote it down because im soooooooooooooooo happy. im sooo happy its like, beond my own comprehension. wow i used a big word. thts a first. i got sunshine on a cloudyday. when its cold outside, i got the month of may. i guess you would say. what can make me feel this way. well im not gonna tell you. haha. im gonna leve yall people hanging on that for a while. but write now im gonna get off here. stop routing my brain for the night and dream about the reason im so happy. HA!! you thought i was gonna tell you what it was didnt you. well you were wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhh spleen. haha. i feel like im on a sugar rush. but im not. im just really happy. i like being happy it makes me feel good. and plus. it makes all yall wonder what going on with me. and i like to leave people in suspence. hey i used another big word. i must be getting really tired if im using big words that i dont even know how to spell. oh well. i fell ggggrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well untill next time my wondering friends. ill see yall on the flip side. good night cruel world. good night you stupid computer. later

Monday, April 23, 2007

wanted!!!!!! 1967 gto!!! if found let me know. girl of my dreams. there bad there fast and they can really turn heads. put the right pipes on it and the right motor in it, and your gonna be getting all kinds of looks like dude i love your car and wow thats amazing. that is what this girl will do for you. there just that bad. ok that be all yall. good night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

hey hows life on your end of the rope? mine is just the same old thing. except im up realy early. its 5:46 am. thats a first for me. i kinda like it. i got up at four but i took a long shower. so yeah im going to oklahoma city today with my mom and sister because my sister has to go take a test. so im gonna be prayin for her, and i was wondering if yall would to. welp. i gotta go. ill talk to ya later.

Monday, April 16, 2007

hey yall i changed my id name. so if your wondering who this dude named viking is. thats me. you may wonder why i did that. well ill tell you. i am a viking. some of my ancestors on my dads side were norwiegens, and they married germans so there you have it. now we all know that the germans made swords for the vikings. we also know that the vikings took over the world at one point in time. i had to tell you that so i could tell you this. i could make my own sword and take over the world. now if you still dont get it. then i keep reading untill you do. i just thought i would let yall know that. dont know why i just felt like writing it. so i hope you get the joke. later yall.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

hey wats up? so yeah im looking at home plans. your probly wondering why im doing that. im only 17. well ill tell you why. because i can and i want to. so boooyaaa. yeah see i have this sertian house that i am going to build and im just getting ideas. im not gonna build it now or any time soon. but after i become a fire fighter i am going to start building it then. after i get through training and stuff and i get done with highschool. its gonna be a big two story house. im gonna make it out of big sandstone blocks. not those little bitty 5 pound bricks. im talking about 100 pound blocks. oh yeah. but instead of using wood, im gonna use steel 2 by 4s. oh yeah my house will be built to last. ohe yes and its gonna be a 4 bed room house. i know what your thinking. your thinking im crazy and why would i spend that much money on a house. well because its mine. the frame is gonna be steel, and its gonna have a big basement. its gonna be really cool. its not gonna be just a normal house. see my house will a spanish style house. built of blocks. im tryin to find a decent looking sketch that will resemble my house. you probly think im dreaming. but you know what. i am going to do this and nothing will stop me. your wondering how im gonna do this well my uncle is a brick layer and used to build houses. and my other uncle does build houses. and im gonna get a really big cherry picker to pick up those blocks. im gonna have uncle teach how to lay foundation and im gonna hire a plmber. im not messin with and plumbing dont mix. anyways, my dad knows alot about electricty and all that stuffso im gonna learn that. my brother knows how to roof. he did that for a summer job his first or second year of college. pretty cool huh? my family knows alot of stuff. anywho. like i was saying. its gonna have big pool in the back yard. with a big privacy fence. that will be wooden lined with steel. the fence will be at least 8ft. but the best part of all this is the house i am going to build is gonna be on a hill. over loking my town. wichita falls. the front of the house will be facing east and the back will be facing west. of course. that way i can get up at the crack of dawn and watch the sun come up and i ca sit on my back porch and watch the sun go down. my room will have a balcany.that way i can sit up there and just look over the city. haha. but believe me this is not going up in a matter of weeks. it will be a while before its ready to live in. but when it is ready to live in it will be amazing. it might be two story. im still trying to decide on that. but it will have four bed rooms. dude this has gotten really long. oh yeah hey kevin if you read this, i ment to call you today. or yesterday if you read this tomorrow. which ever. i ment to call you man im really sorry. i hope i will see you at church tomorrow. well cracker jacks. i just told you what my house is gonna look like. i must way to much time on my hands. but its ok. i didnt tell you every detail. you will see. just stick around and in about two years it will start to come up. really people as soon as i get done with all my training im gonna start looking for that sertain spot of land and im gonna start laying foundation, and start doing all that fun stuff. every chance i get i will be working on that house. i really cant wait. i will make that thing my own. i will pour my sweat and probly a little bit of my blood into that house. but i wont stop untill its finished. i cant find a picture that fits my style. so i guess im done. i will see yall later.

hey yall um i think im in troulbe. let me explain. no to long. let me sum up. hyc i met a girl. i got her number. ive been calling her sometimes. today. i was kinda mad. tehn i called her i dont know why but i did. she started talking and i felt better. im not mad anymore. i didnt even talk much. i just listened to her. this cant be good. she has such a soft voice i had to push the fone all the way in my ear just to hear her. but i liked it.?.???? is this a bad thing??? im lost. really i dont know what to do. she makes me happy. this is scary. im not used to this. im serious people. i dont know what to do. its kinda cool. i like it. its wierd. im like not myself. its creepy. somebody help.!!!!!!! and she is so pretty its not even funny. i know what ill do. i shall go BOX!!! yes maybey that will do something. WHAT DO I DO??????????????????????? i cant possibly have a crush on this girl. i rpomissed my self i would never do that agian. i cant even spell. im breaking down... i catch my self thinking about her when im suppossed to be doing something or im seppossed to have my mind on things like god or school or lifting weight or boxing. what is wrong with me???????????? i think i need to run away from this. i really do. every time i talk to her i get happy. and it feels really good. did i menchin i cant spell. i have to keep deleting a word because i spell it wrong and then i have to write it all over agian. i should run from these feelings. i will. i am. im in baaaad shape aint i? i would make horrible marine. im to soft hearted. but thats why im gonna be a fire fighter. someone help?????? please!!!! im really messed up. i have to go beet my knuckles up now. so leave a comment. let me know. and i will get back to you as soon as i can my knuckles covered in blood. you may think its funny but i dont. it just means that i have to build a wall around my self so that no one can get in and mess me up. im gonna go bleed now. later yall

well its saturday and i just woke up. im eating wheaties and then im gonna go box and run. yes i will. i enoy that kind of stuff. so yeah after that im probly gonna call my friend that lives three hours away and ill talk to her for who knows how long. she is really cool and i like talking to her. she has a very soft and quiet voice. whn ever i talk to her i have to be really quiet so i can hear her. but thats ok i dont mind being quiet for her. she just so cool. i trust her alot. shes just so fun to talk to. awww what am i doing? i keep losing track of what i was going to say. ummmmmmm. this cant be good. ok im not gonna talk about her anymore. so how bout those mavericks??????? lol. im thinking about stuff. im not thinking about this girl. im thinking about soccer. yeah thats cool. i played soccer once. when i was a little kid. i went to one practice and quit. i was the goaly. some kid hit me in the face with the ball and so i picked the ball up and i walked up to the guy and i chunked it as hard as i could at his face. i hit him. he fell to the ground crying and i stood there and laughed. but i was like 8 years old so i have found other ways of getting rid of my anger. thats why my parents bought me a boxing bag. because they love me. ya know i have never really met anybody who shows sheep. this girl im talking to shows sheep.i think that is pretty cool. i dont think i would show any animals. but thats just me. i would rather ride a bulls. so yeah im gonna go work out hard core and then im gonna come in and call shala. see yall on the flipside.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

aloha yall. hey i went to hyc right well while i was there i had an amazing experience. i met a bunch of new people and i got one persons fone number wich i thought was pretty cool. the cool thing is i can actually talk to her with out getting nervous. when i first met her it felt like i had known her for my entire life. for the first time in a long time i have a friend that i can talk to and not get so messed up with emotions. what im trying to say is. i have a friend and she is really cool. it feels good. she has such a soft voice. its cool and i have to be really quiet just to hear every word she says. she is some one i could hang out with and have fun with. it feels good. i havent had anything likethis in three years. and the last time that ended up pretty bad. but for some reason i trust this girl more then i trust some people ive known for a while. but i can tell you this i trust my dog more then any one in the world. he is right here beside me right now. he is such a good dog. you may think im stupid or wierd but hey i dont really have anything else to write about. and besides if you met her you would like her. so yeah ive been working out hard core this week. uhuh. sure have. got the busted knuckles to prove it. so yeah. how about that local sports team? you know the one that plays that game? with that ball? its getting late and im getting wacky. ive been here for almost years and i am just now starting to open up to every one. you guys are just now starting to see what my family sees. but you guys have never seen me when its like late and im really tired, and get to that piont where i start talknig out of my head and start babbling about really crazy stuff and change from the quiet layed back guy that you all know and transform into the craziest person youve ever seen. i can be sitting in a chair and see something and start laughing like crazy. when that happens it doesnt stop for about 30 minnutes and then after it does stop i look dead. i mean when i get that way i really dont feel anything. you could hit me in the face witha stick and i would just sit there. well i would probly fall over. but once i do there is no getting me up. when im that way i feel nothing. no pain no happyness no anger no love no heat no cold. im just there taking up space. thats when my family usually lays me down on my bed and covers me up because im to zombafied to ado anything. then i go to sleep and dream of all kinds of stuff. you have never seen me like that. believe me if you did you would probly look at me a whole new way. and if you told me about it i will stand there and look at you like your a bowl of shaving cream. i wont remember. guarrenty, i will not know what your talking about. so if you ever see me start geting really hyper then you should get a video camera because what i say and or do can be funny believe it or not. i know that may come as supprise to you but it is. so yeah if you ever see me hyper then get a video camera and tape it then watch me go from realy hyper to absolutely happens very quickly. ill be really hyper and then out of no where im no longer classified as living. it gets funny. later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hola peoples. im back and i had the most amazing time at hyc. i made new friends i saw old friends and i just had great time all around. the services and the resturants and the hotel rooms it was all amazing. i would have to say that this was the best hyc ive ever been to. so much happened to me that i cant tell you all of it. it was just great. thenwe went to the mall and i had a great time there. i hung out with one of my friends that i met on thursdy night and she was pretty cool. i hung out with her at the mall and then that nigh after the service when everybody was playing basket ball. i had a good time. and the youth group was like drawn closer together. well ill talk more later. i have to go break my bdoy with a very extreme workout. so later peeps.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

hey what it do? this is gonna be short. we are leaving today to go to hyc.its gonna be great. and im gonna have fun. my friends are going and its gonna rock. ok im done. oh b the way the cathyyou wont be able to read this till you get back but i fixxed my blog to where peopl can comment. so blahhhh. later yall

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

these are some more pictures of me and bandit takin at our house in iowa park. i was playing basketball and a lady across the street was a professional photographer and she had extra film and didnt know what to do with it. so she took pictures of us. i had all my hair under my hat. it was long. that was the year i let it get down to

the bottom of my jaw line. that was just the hair on the side of my head and the back. the top was probly the same length but my hair is really curly so it looks shorter. im letting it grow out agian and get long like that. i hate my hair short. the cool thing about living there at iowa park was when i went to school some girls i hhung out with would purposely sit behind me in class and they would play wit my hair and it put me to sleep.

hello alll you happy people.

this was takin like three years ago. at iowa park. thats me of course and my dog bandit. he is actually still alive wich amazezes me because huskies dont usually live to be four years old. im gonna put the rest of them up later but thats all ican do for now. my dog is

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

hey how are ya? if you read my last post and didnt understand it then dont worry. i was trying to sort something out by typing. it kinda worked but then agian im still confused. so i took my own advice and the next morning i woke up ate breakfast and did some homework but then i got my shoes on wrapped my hands and went to boxing and hammering on my boxing bag. as a matter of fact i hammered so hard that i wore a whole in my knuckle. i was raging adn then after about an hour of nothing butt boxing i unwrapped my hands and started lifting weights. after i got done working out i could barely pick up a cup. so my day went really well. then today i woke up and im really sore. i dont think i could hold hands up long enough to box today. thats a good thing. if hurt then i got a great workout. then i will be doing it agian tomorrow. i cant wait. so yeah my day is going fairly good. i talked to my big brother toaday and hes doing good after his surgery. he is still siting arounnd the house. but other then that hes doing pretty good. every body is doing good. and that is groovy. so im sitting here looking at my hand and there is a spot on my knuckle that has a whole in it. its really cool looking. its redish and its got little specs of black and grey. ok my times is up so if any of you want to see my hand just ask me at church and i will gladly show you. i think my knucks are swolen. sweet. yes i did have my hands wrapped with tape and i had gloves on. so just in case your thinking im boxing with out gloves your wrong. i only do that with people i dont know. lol. im just kidding i dont start fights. i just hit a bag so that i can have to win the fight if i get in one. ok so ummmm. later

Sunday, April 1, 2007

ola. if you were me and i were you, and you wich would really be me just happen to be interested in a perticular girl that might be interested in you wich would really be me. then what would (aka me) do? how would you atrrack her attention and actually get her to talk to you? what do you say and how do you say it? oh boy. im a dumb dumb. im so conbulated i cant think in a staright curve. i just think about what to say and how to say it with out looking like an absolute idiot. i mean i know what i want to say but when i get a chance to say it i get cottn mouth. i think i just need to ummmmm. OH YES!!!!!! I SHOULD GO LIFT WEIGHTS AND BOX!!!!!! THAT ALLWAYS TAKE MY TROUBLES AWAY. for a while. then after that im to sore to think about the rest of the world and all i think about is getting a nice hot shower. yes thats what ill do. wow its amazing what you can think of when your going crazy about a problem. thats all yall. see ya on the flipside