Sunday, November 25, 2007

WOW!!!! i dont know about the rest of you but what happened to me tonight was the most amazing thing that ever happened.i have never been called out like that before. i never knew that god would call me out and tell those things. everything that happened to me was just awsome. i got a confirmation on something that i have been praying about and god told me something i will never forget. i didnt know i had so much potental in me. this whole night has changed my life and now i know what i have to do. i havent felt this good since... i cant even remember. i havent heard myself pray like in for ever and it felt great. i know that the people in my youth group are going through things and i want to be there for them. i will. any one of them. sometimes i wish i could take the weight that they cary on there backs and put it on my own back and let them have a break for a while and rest. i dont why i feel that way i just do. cause i can see them struggleing and i want to help them or just take everything off there shoulders. maybey its just me... my life has flipped upside down.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

awight here it is!!!! the girl of my dreams. the only one who completely understands my need for speed. the one who can give it to me easily. zx6r. YES IT IS A NINJA IT HAS TO BE LIME GREEN... but im gonna have chrome rims. yes im one of those guys who would live in a really small cheap apartment and have this really nice bike that goes REALLY fast. i know what your thinking. that white boy is CCCCRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY.... i know. i get that alot. a couple of my friends have tried to get me to stop being so crazy. part of me wants to. the other part wants to keep going faster and faster. the more danger the better. its just me. its just how i am. its who i am.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

well its here!!!!! my favorite holliday of all time. i am going to eat mroe today then i ever eat in a week. i am going feel so fat. then im gonna have to go run it all off. that way i can eat more. haha!!! but you know its not just about the food. there is more to this holliday then just turkey. i mean come on. theres turkey of course. then comes the really good stuff. like cherry pie. there is nothing in the world like cherry pie. yes there is apple and pecon pumkpin. but there is nothing better then cherry pie and whiped cream.can i get a whitness. then you got your other stuff. you got deviled eggs, you got ummm. all that other stuff you eat for thanksgiving. that is if you still live with your family. i can probly tell you that when i move out on my own i would be one of those guys who just eat steak for thanksgiving. i would eat steak every day. i will. all the time. rare. still moooing. i mean the way i eat my steak, you could put a bandaid on that thing and it would be out grazing. thats just me definately a carnavore. hey i used a big word. haha. thats a first. but yeah steak baked potatoes and a nice BIG chilled MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!! can i get a whitness. but thats just me. i allways have been different. thats just me. now dont get me wrong. i love the turkey. its amazing. and all the food is amazing... but im just explaining that is the kind of guy i am. im a real take it easy layed back kinda guy that doesnt ask for much. unless its a dodge viper.... well i guess that all i got for now. so yeah. yall have a great thanksgiving. sooooo. later...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey wats up? i was thinking about all the stuff that has happened to me and i thought i would write some of it down. for those of you who know me really well, you know that i all ways have some part of me that is injured. i do most of it to myself. not purposely but i just do alot of crazy things. yall know that im just a little crazier then your average guy. well out of all the times i have gotten hurt, bleed, limped, or just hid my pain, there is one time i want to talk about. most every body that reads this blog knows that i got hurt over the summer and it was pretty serious. i got a severe concusion and twice i had an interesting expierence. i was bleeding inside my head and i couldn't do anything about it. i dont remember any of this im just going by what i was told. but there is one thing i do remember. i was laying on the bed in the ER and i was fading away. i could feel my breath slowing down and everything was just stopping.i could barely see and they were struggling to keep me awake. but one time i went to sleep. i dont know for how long but i know it happened. as i was laying on the bed with my eyes shut, it was like somebody shined a bright light in my face. i looked up at it and what i saw was the most amazing thing ive ever seen. i saw a golden stair case with a a chior dancing behind it. then i saw a dark headed figure walk down the stairs and reach out to grab my hand. i couldnt see his face but i saw his body. for the first time in my life o saw an angle. and not just one. i saw the entire chior. any ways. the angle on the stair case reached out his hand and just as i stuck my hand out to grab his, i heard him say this. THIS IS NOT YOUR TIME. ITS TO SOON. YOU ARE STILL NEEDED HERE. and then he turned and walked back up the stair case and the chior went away. the lights went out. it was completely dark. then i heard a nurse say get the chopper ready. then i woke up. its all a little blury after that but that next day at church i started passing out agian. my mom got me to the prayer room and i layed on the floor. everything went black and then i saw it agian. the same thing i saw the day before. i remember saying just take me home now. but then he said the same thing. agian. i can still see it in my head. it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. you may not believe me but thats the honest truth. i dont know why but god spared my life then and once before when i was a little baby. i fell out of a basket and the same thing happened. except i didnt see anything. if i did i dont remember. why god spared my life i dont know. but i do that every time i have been in some type of situation like that, god has kept his hand on me and i honestly dont know why. why am i so important? what makes me so special that he would spare my life? after all he stuff i have gone through i know for a fact that i should be deader then a door knob!yet here i am. alive and running around like there is nothing wrong. it just boggles my mind and i know i dont deserve this. how can some one have so much mercy? ive been raised in this and i still dont get it? how can he have so much love and be so forgiving?i should have died numerous times. i have been in situations that my parents dont even know about that i should have died in. i guess what im trying to say that even though i may never understand i am thaknful and so glad to be alive and able to do anything. bro. elms is right. what is the chance that some one like me could be born into a family like i have. what are chances that i would be born into an apostolic life style. there are so many more things i could talk about. this is one of the more recent ones. there have been others after that but i wont get into that. we dont need to take this for grantite.take advantage of it. dont ever stop. the only thing i can do is give god my best.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

here it the armour of a true dew samuri. i saw this and i thought of you kevin.