Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey folks, i havent been on here in for ever. longgggggg time. many many moons. any ways, haha. yall check this out. its a duke 848. ducati. 848. its the equivalent of about a 600 cc motorcycle. it weighs ruffly around 396 lbs, yeah i know, thats kinda heavy, but. thats ok. it comes in 2 colors. red. and white. original huh. i like it tho. mmmmmm. this bike also has a few big brothers, ill name them off one by one. the most powerfull bike ever made by ducati. the desmosedici RR. they made it for 2008, there not making one for 09. wich is to bad. oh well. heres a pic of that bike. and the 1098R. and the 1198the 1198 is the new one of the bunch. 2009. brand spankin new. oh yeah. the 1198 comes in black. wich makes it the best looking. well this is my choice of motorcycle, if they made a 250 i would by that and never change. but they dont. its a bit more expensive then a normal japanese bike but. its a better made bike and you get your moneys worth. this is my choice in bikes. and since im only aobut 5"8 ill fit perfectly on one. well. i think im done. love yall, hope you enjoy.


Kevin Seymour said...

Those are some good looking bikes man, that 848 in white is just plain gorgeous.

andrew said...

yeah it is, the bike of my dreams, that will come after the 250. and after years of riding the 848 ill get a 1098R. but after many years of riding the 848, and im keepin my 250.