Thursday, January 31, 2008

WOW!!!tonight i went to the faith mission thing and it was amazing. most of those people ive seen before. tonight completely blew my mind. after the service all those people looked a little bit happier. i saw them and they had a smile on there face and they were so happy to get the food. wich was amazing. YES i brought some home. yall i dont the words to describe what happened to me. i was literally broken. i look at them and then i look at every thing i have. we hear it all the time. but yall we are so blessed. i cant describe it. standing in the back of the room during the service, i couldnt help but think. what are the chances that some one like me was born into a family like the one i have? if would not have been for God i would either be dead or worse. what ever that may be. i dont know were i would be. when the singers started singing, i was doing everything i could to keep from crying. and then when ever Karen started singing HOLY HOLY HOLY.. i just about lost it. i love to hear Karen sing. her voice is so soothing. when she started singing, i felt the muscles in my neck start to loosin up. every body did an amazing job. i think im gonna start going to this every time. it makes me feel good to know that im doing something good for people instead of not doing anything at all. Travon probably wont read this but i want to thank him for trying to get us to go. im so glad i went. the next time the church does this you can sign me up. im gonna try my best to be there. well i gotta go to bed. my moms telling to hurry up and its not even tonight any more its tomorrow. or today. how ever you say that. well good night to every one who reads this post. let me know what you think

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KUNG FU MASTER!!!!! i was on google and saw this random picture. so i just thought i would try it. its like a slow motion fight scene from some really bad movie. but in the movies they would NOT have those suits on. and they WOULD have some hidden parrachute stuffed inside their back. some body actually took this picture in mid air.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

dont you just love walmart around valintines day?? no i did not put the bears in the floor they all ready there. i just layed down on them. big difference. hey look. kevin got in trouble. haha.

Friday, January 18, 2008

ok this is it. one of these helmets. the boots and the bike. so far. im leaning more towards the devil dog helmet. it kinda justfies the crazyness in me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

ok. imagine this. but BIGGER!!!! when i get my bike the first im going to buy is one of these things and im going to put it on my helmet. yes down the center. except im gonna have a full face helmet. one that covers your head and face.not just the top of my head. but yeah im getting one of these and its gonna be a littla bit bigger. that way when i ride people will think oh wow. that has spikes on his head. he must have had to special order that helmet. oh yes. this is just one of the many things i will be wearing.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

ok first off. jackalopes are not real. it would be cool if they were. but unfortunetly its just an old indian fairy tale. secondly the answer to the first question is BASEBALL!!!! the answer to the other question is it takes longer to get from second to third because theres a short stop between them. some guy told me and my dad those when we were in sadona. i thought i would try them out on yall.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

well its another day in paradise. any body ever seen one of these? haha. i went to arizona and i actually asked a lady there if they were real. im not lying. she said that they are. she said she had seen one herself. she said there a bit larger then a normal jack rabbit. the question im going to ask you. is are they real or not.

and check this out. if a man leaves home and turns left. then takes another left. and then takes another left and comes back home. what does he do for a living? answer that. heres another one. why does it longer to get from second base to third then it does to get from first to second?

try to figure that yall. mom and dad you cant say anything!!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

WOW!!!!!!! im back from arizona. crazy. everything is totally different out there. the people there are not like the people here in Texas. thats not a bad thing. its just different. from my point of view they all seemed so nice. i guess you could say. but the way people drive out there is totally different then it is here. they cruise at about 75-80. its cool cause i dont have a problem going that fast. was amazing out there. its like God just got some TNT lit it and the through a bunch of different paint on top of it. its awsome. and another cool thing is, some of the indian people are navajos. they still speek there own language. i have never herd it before but i herd it the other day. it was amazing. i would love to learn that language. the first time i herd we were at a gas station slash gift shop thingy. and there were two ladies working in there and there was a guy that actually pumped gas for people so they didnt have to get out of there car it was cool. but one of the ladies inside was speeking in navajo. it was so cool. then i herd another lady speek it just yesterday. it was so cool. you wouldnt think they actually still do that but they do. navajo is the same language that the Marines used in the battle of iwojima. it was the only one they could use because the japanese new all there codes. thats pretty much how we won the battle iwojima. so yeah thats how it went. see ya.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

all right heres whats gonna happen. im gonna go apply at a steak house or somethin as a cook or waitor. so yall pray that i can find one that will work with my schedual and not interfere with me and church. i need a car and i found the one i want. its $25,000 and im gonna go pay cash for it. its a 2008 dodge challenger r/t. yes its a muscle car thats why i want it.but till then im gonna get a piece of junk car that will drive and get me around till i can get the r/t. thats how its gonna be. i dont care if its a three door honda civic hatch back. i will drive it untill i can buy the challenger. yes wat ever i buy has to be a standard. thats all i want to drive. i dont care if it doesnt have a radio or airconditioning. as long as it has a heater im ok. seriously. i dont even care if it looks like junk. im not gonna be pickin any girls up so it doesnt matter. thats how its gonna happen. yall pray with me. thanks.